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Wish I would come on

First time I've said that , but am waiting to start my pill . Takes me about a week to get going , are there any ways to help get the flow going ?

Also, I am taking a pregacare vitamin which contains folic acid , do you think it's best to take just folic acid on its own ? Or within the pregacare . I also have pcos .

And diet :

I'm going to cut out caffeine to 1 cup of decaf per day

Eating lots fruit and veg

Bit wary about fish but love smoked salmon.

Lots of water 3 litres per day .

Anything else you think I should be doing ?

Thank you xx

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Check with your GP re folic acid. It depends on your BMI and the severity of your PCOS. Zita West's book on fertility and IVF gives loads of good advice, I would suggest reading up as much as possible and then you can make informed decisions that are appropriate to your own situation. Acupuncture is good for fertility and my acupuncturist is also a nutritionist so that really helps. I've cut caffiene completely with the very very occasional treat maybe once a month. Also no alcohol (and obviously no smoking if you do smoke). Eat lots of veg and some fruit. Avoid toxins etc.

I've written a post on what I'm currently doing if that helps. X

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