2nd round of icsi !

Hi guys ! I have had my follow up appt after our failed icsi in decemember and they are changing to protocol to short and putting me on the highest dose ! Anybody have success with a change of protocol ? Last time i was very excited about each stage but now the thought of doing it all again is filling me with worry and stress already ! Supose its because i now know what to expect and how tough it is emotionally ! Also since my failed cycle i seem to keep putting on weight even though i am on a healthy eating diet ! I cant seem to shift it :( is this to do with the treatment ? I have never been this big ! Any advice on short protocol would be amazing as i am new to all this ! Xx

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  • We were offered 2nd go with short protocol as an option but it was discussed my eggs are so bad we are opting for donor eggs to give us a better chance. (I was on full wack last time only 1 egg that didn't fertilise) I also put on weight and trying to shift it now the drugs don't help then with it not working and Christmas I put on more! Xxx good luck xx

  • Have you looked into Mild IVf? I also have shockingly bad eggs and our attempts with highest drug dose possible only yielded a few that were no good. And we were told donor eggs were probably our best option. So we thought we would give it a final try, turned it on its head and have done mild ivf at The Bridge, plus I took DHEA for a couple of months. The theory is that you're working with your body rather than forcing it. Anyway, we got three eggs, 2 fertilised and we transferred 2 at 3 days. And I just got a BFP..... Early days but better than we've done for years so maybe worth looking into. X

  • Hello - oh thats fantastic news! We haven't been offered that? we are at the BCRM in Bristol this will be our second and last funded cycle on the NHS. They said with my eggs its a 5% chance of it working but with donor eggs 50 - 60-% so being told that was a bit of a no brainer! We have got our heads around it now its just the waiting list is so long. 5-9 months. Im not good at being patient! good luck with your pregnancy xx

  • I asked them about my egg quality and they said they were fine i just didnt respond fast enough to produce a lot of follicles ! My left side was very poor responding to the drugs last time so they want to keep an eye on that but they said they are aiming to try and get alot of follies , eggs , embryos for a better chance ! Last time i only had 5 eggs , 2 didnt fertilise, 2 abnormal , and 1 was a 3 day transfer .. i am only 26 so they hoped i would of produced more eggs. What is mild ivf ? I have never heared of it ? Is it like a natural cycle ? Huge congratulations on your BFP πŸ˜†πŸ˜š you must over the moon ! This is our last go on NHS , we only get 2 attempts in wales, so i want to make sure we are doing what is best for us ! Where can i get DHEA from? Iv read alot of women take it but dont know much about it xx

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