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Positive stories needed, bleeding after bfp :'(

Hi everyone, I am desperately clinging to any hope here. After getting my first ever bfp following our first round of ivf icsi I am continuing to bleed. I'd be 4.5 weeks now. It started 3days before positive as light & watery red, continued like that for 5 days but has now gone to a heavy like period and has been like that for 4 days. Some very small clots. Having to wear pads. No pain.

My periods are usually only 3 days and light so this is far from normal. I'm still getting positive tests but I've read that doesn't mean your safe. I waited 5hrs at the hospital today to get a beta but they say they need to do another in 48hrs before they can tell me if the baby is ok. I feel like I am going out of my mind and crying all the time.

Has anyone had bleeding like this and the baby survive?



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Hey hun I had bleeding at the start of my pregnancy. It scared the hell out of me. It was quite red in colour but quite a lot of it.....but.....I was told it can be quite common and everything luckily with me was ok. It lasted a fair few days! It's easy to say try not to worry but don't give up hope hun as it's not always bad news.

Keeping my fingers & toes crossed for you. Xx

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Hi I agree with mooster1 I had bleeding after five days of a positive I bleed for 4 months straight to the point where I passed a blood clot the size of my palm. And I now have an amazing 7month old daughter and we always talk about the point in time where I was bleeding the fact that you don't have any pain is generally a very good thing. What I found helped me was an early pregnancy scan I had one at 4 weeks and saw the gestational sack as well as the yolk sack that gave me hope. Try and rest as much as possible avoid doing anything strenuous. Sit and put your feet up.

Fingers crossed for good news. Xx

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Hi tindog. Just read your post, and by now I expect you will have had your second beta hCG done. I do hope that it is good news for you and that your pregnancy is continuing. Thinking of you. Diane


Hey lady

Hope it all went went with your BETA 😘


Hi everyone, me again, thanks for you concern and well wishes.

I have an update for you.

My beta taken on Monday was 7412 at 23dpo which they said was high enough that they could scan rather than take a 2nd beta. Did the sums and it seems my hcg has been pretty much doubling every day! - not sure what that means?!

Went in for the scan this morning, hardly slept a wink last night, back to back nightmares. Well good news is its still there, they could see a sac and a yolk so I was so relieved. Everything looked fine although they couldn't say whether its viable as the fetal pole hasn't developed yet - I have to go for another scan next week for that. They couldn't however explain why I'm bleeding and just said to monitor it. Am still bleeding just as bad.

I do feel better now knowing its managed to hang in there so far so hopefully the wait for the next scan wont be too bad. I hope this bleeding doesn't continue for much longer tho as it really is unsettling, 13 days so far I think.

Thanks again, will give you an update on the next scan XXX


That's good news

In the grand scale of things and the fact it's doubling Is good

Too stay rested 😘

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