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31.5 bmi

All I have lost 3 stone as needed to get a 30 bmi. When I went in i was 4 lbs left to go to get to 30 and I was 31.5. She still won't refer until that point .I was so upset as I have practically starved myself to get to this point and lost all that weight. I know I can do the extra but so wanted it done before Xmas as now I can't enjoy myself .... is there anyone I can complain to? Has anyone else had anything similar ?

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Hi, sorry to hear you're having a tough time at the moment. Who won't refer you where? It seems that there are different rules all over the country which is a bit unfair if you ask me! I also needed to lose around 3 stone to get to a bmi of 30 but my GP referred me to the fertility clinic when my bmi was way over that and I still need to lose a final half stone now to get treatment on the NHS but the clinic at QMC in Nottingham were really lovely and said I'd done really well to date and to just keep going. I am waiting to have an HSG and if that's all clear then I have to be at a bmi of 30 to get Clomid on the NHS. If I don't get down to 30 in time (with Christmas getting in the way!) then the clinic said I can pay for a private prescription until I get down to 30... Hope it all works out for you xxx


Well done on losing the weight. I'm in a similar position to you, trying to get my weight down. I've been told that I have to get my BMI below 30 and keep it below 30 for at least 6 months before the NHS will offer any treatment.

I know it's really hard but don't give up, just keep reminding yourself of your end goal xxx

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I guess it may depend on the clinic as the BMI rate is 35 where I go! Maybe it depends on your medical background. I'm trying to eat healthily and not drinking any alcohol or caffeine, little dairy and no poultry (which is all rather miserable) but I am going to have some over the festive period so why don't you do that. Christmas dinner is relatively healthy, a few glasses of wine would be fine, as long as you don't over indulge on the mince pies, cake and chocolate you will be fine I would of thought and if you carry on as you are for another week or so then you should be allowed to have a little fun at xmas x


I can totally relate to this.

My BMI was way too high. I had to get my BMI down to 32 to get a HSG done, they wouldn't do the tests if I didn't. I lost about 5 stone then went to get weighed and was 1lb off the target. I thought this would be fine as only 1lb and it was for a test, not treatment. I wouldn't say 1lb would make a difference to a HSG test!!!

I had to beg them not to make me get re refered so they gave me an extension of two weeks. Thankfully I got the 1lb off but it was so stressful thinking if I don't get this off I'm going to be delayed by so long.


Hi ya!

I know how you feel as had to loose almost 5 st before Doctor put me on waiting list.

Ive always been big and could not imagine i can loose all this weight, noone believed... Not even my hubby.

I lost a bit but stopping bread and sweets... Trying weight watchers... I would loose weight and hit plato in few month where i wouldn't put on but wouldn't loose weight for month...

I went on a drastic diet (Raw food diet).

I looked amazing! I felt amazing too! 8 months most of them winter months... No flu, no coughs, not even one headache!

Its a hard to keep up and very antisocial diet but id recommended to try it.

Aspecially if you only have to loose a bit now. Just go for a week or 2 and see yourself.

I usually loose around 1/2 stone first week and around 1pound every week im on it!

Its a healthy diet too.

Just pm me if you have any questions!

Good luck! X


It's really hard, I can completely agree! Always been bit bigger than average, the more tests they did, the more negative results, the more questions asked, the sadder I became, the heavier I became. Years of this really got to me and I snapped amd piled on even more. I eventually lost more than half my body weight through an extreme diet, another miscarriage and regained over half of it. I lost most of it again in order to have treatment, and my gp was amazing, refereed me regardless of the 6 month waiting the nhs stipulate and wrote a letter along with the referal. The hospital took my referal as knew the waiting list would be a fair few months anyway. In that time I'd lost more so was below the bmi needed. Sadly my pregnancy only lasted til 4 months, but in those months my little angel's cravings were salt and carbs to keep the sickness as bay, so gained more than I'd have liked. Seen to have balanced out now, bit over 30, but seems to be the most easy to maintain for me. Consultant hasn't even weighed me and has considered that my excess skin will contribute a bit (a fair bit in my case sadly), but he seems more lax than others who won't even allow treatment if partners are overweight! We're soon to embark on more Ivf icsi and doc has suggested diet of low carb high protein (which for me is the only way I manage to loose and maintain my weight anyway) to improve general fertility and egg yield/quality.

I've had Christmases where I've been on only shake diets, so I know how hard it can be, but remember why you're doing it. It's the best motivation you'll ever get guys. Good luck to you all, and keep pushing them for those referals. It's quite acceptable to be a bit of a bitch when needed 😉 xxx


Omg I am a bmi if 32 and stressing as I have our meeting tomorrow

I think they will send us home too

Hope you manage to loose it soon and best of luck with everything


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