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BFP - blood test confirmed. Bleed and early miscarriage day after :'( what tests do I ask for?

This was our 3rd ICSI this year. First two resulted in BFN. The final one - I couldnt believe my eyes a BFP on a Thur. Went to clinic same day to get bloods and was called Frid with a 'congratulations'. I told them I had started cramping and felt like I was about to come on my period. I was told that wasnt possible. Frid afternoon started bleeding - which went on till Mon eve (like a period). After a few trips this time to my hospital EPC They said 'it was an early miscarriage' and could see a fibroid (which I never had before treatment started) and endo. They couldnt give me a reason why and suggested I go bk to my clinic.

I have no faith in my body anymore. If anyone can shed some light on what may have happened, or what I can ask for- tests etc. I dont know if it was my body, hormones, Endo, the fibroid or the embryos.

Just depressed to hear 'congrats' followed by 'it's over a few days later'. Christmas is over for us. We're both at breaking point and our clinic wont speak to us till Jan. :'(

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Hi Music1. So sorry to read all this after having gone through 3 x ICSI cycles of treatment. It could be that you may have had a tiny fibroid previously that has been aggravated by the ICSI treatment. Perhaps you could ask whether you need to have a hysteroscopy (womb x-ray) before deciding upon what further treatment to have. I do have a list of questions I could send you to go through if you want (too long to add here). There may be one or two you hadn’t thought of asking previously. If you email me at dianearnold@infertilitynetworkuk.com I will send them to you. My emails are completely confidential. Kind regards. Diane

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I'm so sorry Music1, it's all so so unfair :( Lots of love x


So unfair 😔 it's devastating. So sorry to hear this has happened. Take care, rest up. Be good to yourself and each other xxx


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