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Where is my periods?

Nature is a twisted thing! I m due to start the treatment for our ICSI this month, taking the pill on the 3rd of my periods. Periods with a 28days cycle each month maximum 3days late (only happened when we were trying to concieve naturally to make the desapointement even bigger and crush hopes) i was due on the 1st we are the 5th and no sign of anything? I bought a cheap preagnancy kit that confirmed it was too good to be true and that i m not by some miracle preagnant (weirdly i felt quiet detached this time no emotions, maybe i moved on now i m so close to the treatment).

I have till the 6th to have my periods as if it happens on the 7th i have to call the ACU and i m worried the tight schedule might be disturbed and i have to wait longer.

Any idea how to induce the periods?

I tried the heat but still nthg!

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It is so frustrating, you never want them to arrive and then when you do they dont come. Do you know if you ovulated this month?xx


No, i stopped monitoring all that when we were diagnosed. But i always have my periods like clock work no matter what. I was so excited got the pills out on the fireplace mantelpiece looking at them motivated me as 1step closer to that baby already seeing myself with a baby bump looking around at what to wear who should know...


I know its really difficult but im sure they will arrive in the next few days and if they dont I would do another test and then contact your GP.xx

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