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Thank you everyone who sent me their kind support it meant a lot to me. At the moment my husband i are taking it easy. We are having some fun time enjoying each other company. I will be seeing my doctor next week for a follow up. in the meantime i'm looking at life positively, will explore other options but in the meantime am relaxing without worrying about baby making.. Thanks again wish you all, all the best.

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  • Hi Hop36, we are all here for you hun anytime.

    I'm glad you're just relaxing now and enjoying the time you have together. I know it feels like giving up, but you both need time to heal yourselves for now. Even with one tube it can happen [look at Sophie, Prince Edward's wife] and sometimes the ivf treatment itself can kick mother nature up the you-know-where.

    Love and best wishes to you both.

  • Hi! Madcatlady55, I believe you have got it right, i am feeling a little like giving up but am still fighting. Thank you so much, it mean a lot you taking time out to show care for me. I wish you all the best too. Take care.

  • Glad you're staying positive. Take it easy hon x

  • Hello hop36 , I am glad you are enjoying yr life. Wish you yr dreams come true

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