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Help understanding results please!

We have just had a posted copy arrive at home of hubbys semen analysis results, no appointment, phone call or explanation with it, just the results! Looking online gives very confusing explanations of anything and we wondered if anyone could help?

The letter literally just says:

Volume - 1.1m/l

Ph - 8

Normal Forms - 0%

Progressive motility - 8

Non-progressive motility - 3

Count - 426 million

Does anyone have any experience of understanding what these mean? The test was handed in to the clinic just over the hour limit they prefer, could this make any difference?

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Call your GP or the fertility department at your hospital and ask them for advice. It all looks so confusing!! The count is very high compared to my husband. His is one million so that's a positive start! But I wouldn't know what the other information means, it should really come with some guidance I think. Good luck with everything x


Thank you, we're not back to hospital until 7th Jan and they're awful for explaining anything over the phone. Should definitely have come with guidance but was just a sheet of paper saying dear Mr x, results, kind regards. The 426 figure looks odd to us too as from everything we read on line where the maximums seem about 25 million. Going to see if gp can fit us in before hospital as it's got him really worried now about what the low numbers mean and I think I'll be scrapping him off ceiling by January from fretting about it!


you will find norms for semen analysis (by who) on invictaclinics com (men infertility) it will give you some idea what to discuss with gp or fertility specialist Good luck


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