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Periods all over place

Hi ladies just wondering if anyone is in same boat as me, had a failed cycle of ivf in August since then my periods have gone awol, been going upto 50 days till I have another period. Meant to be starting new cycle of I've in January but way ,my periods are it be feburary now. Is this common or something I should be worried about!

Thanks in advance

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Hi Helenlou. Oh dear! It just might be worth having a chat with your GP just in case you need to have some medication to regulate you again. It is a common problem following IVF treatment, but hopefully can be easily remedied. Good luck for the New Year! Diane


Hi helenlou, mine have been a bit erratic since having IVF in February and then a miscarriage in the summer. My period returned right away but has ranged from 22-37 days- my normal cycle is 26/27 days. My last one seemed quite normal at 30 days but this is 6 months after my miscarriage, so I reckon as Diane says it's just an issue with your hormones settling. Best of luck xx


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