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Some advice please-just had my lap, suffer from PCOS and Endometriosis

Hi, just wanted some advice or stories from women with similar stories. I had my lap on Monday so am recovering at home. They removed a 4cm cyst from my left ovary and have stated that my left tube is blocked. They removed a substantial amount of Endometriosis and I am now on monthly injections to prevent the Endometriosis coming back. The consultant said my chances of getting pregnant are low so IVF will be a option to discuss next year once they have given 4 monthly injections. The word IVF really scares me, all me and my husband want is a baby and our dream seems to be going further away each time. I don't care about the pain I get with Endometriosis and I don't even care about the pain I am in post the lap on Monday. All I want is a baby...I hear so many stories about IVF not working so me and my husband just have frozen and don't want to give up hope but at the same time just feel so let down. Is anyone in the same situation or can offer any advice??? I now have to patiently wait again to see the consultant after the injections. Thanks for reading. xxx

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Hi, I'm sorry you are going through this. I have PCOS so I completely understand how hard it is to get pregnant with it. Like you I was scared of IVF but just having gone through our first cycle, the process was not as bad as I thought it would be. I did get side effects from the medications before egg retrieval but you get through it all knowing that there could be a positive outcome. You mentioned you have frozen and from what I have read FET is much easier than a fresh cycle. Unfortunately our first cycle did not work and I have been emotionally struggling but from some of the posts on here and other forums it seems like the FET works better as there is less stress and medications involved. For now you just need to rest and recover so you are strong when you do IVF next year. I wish you all the best. xx

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Thanks Natasha for replying, very kind of you. It is good to hear that IVF is not as bad as it sounds, I meant that we are frozen in the sense we don't know what to do. I don't know much about IVF so will start to research about it. I am really sorry to hear that your first cycle did not work, it must be really hard to deal with and emotionally draining. Keep positive and don't give up. I have taken another week off work next week so am going to spend the time getting better and waiting for the appointment to see the consultant. I also wish you the best. Thanks again. xxx


Thanks for your wishes. Sorry for the confusion I thought you had frozen your embryos. I think it will really help you to see the consultant as you can then start to plan the next step if it is IVF and look forward to it. Also there is lots of information on the Internet. Having gone through the first cycle it's much less scary then it sounds. Once you start the process, it becomes a routine with the medications etc. I know you must feel a bit lost at the moment but keep looking forward, it will happen for you. Wish you a speedy recovery & once you do start looking into IVF, message me if you have any questions. Xx


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