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Advice on frozen cycle timings?

Hey guys.

We're due to see our specialist on Nov for hysteroscopy results. Surgeon told me he saw nothing unusual and is advising our specialist that we start treatment straight away, obviously biopsy results pending. I don't think we will be able to though as I doubt we'll get nurse appt for drugs before my next cycle, and then of course December Christmas shut down of many clinics, will get in the way of my following cycle, so I'm expecting them to say next year sadly 😢

My question is this, if they decide frozen is the best option this time, how quickly after collection did you go ahead with your transfer, and is it still mid cycle the transfer is done?

Hope you're all doing well xxx

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Hi I had my fet on day 21 of my cycle but it was a day 5 blastocyst so depends whether your embryo is day 3 or 5. We waited a few months so we could enjoy birthdays but I think they'll let you do it straight away if you're ready xx


Thank you so much for replying. I'd start yesterday if I could 😉

After all these years, all these tests, eugh, it's the waiting that gets me the most. I'm convinced my hysteroscopy biopsies are clear, obviously I know we had to do them (our daughter died of a placental abruption, specialist concerned there was something wrong with my womb lining that caused it but surgeon saw nothing and believes tests will be clear), but oh dear god its more waiting and testing. I never thought we'd have to do all this again, hard to go back to the patiently waiting thing xx



I am having my first round of IVF and it will be a frozen cycle- i was told i would have to wait 3 months- i am on the NHS @ Homerton


Thank you. Our fresh cycle was our 1 nhs shot so this will be privately funded. Done a bit of reading up on it, apparently it depends on how you've reacted to the drugs. Just yet again have to wait and see I guess xx


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