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What's next???

Hi girls!! Hope you are all ok!!!

I finally have received my approval for one go of ICSI under Sutton CCG. I believe I won't need to go on the pill as I have very regular periods. I have already had my consultation apt and my nurses apt is next just waiting for the apt through the post. What happens next/at the nurses apt? When do I start taking the injections? Could I be starting this before Christmas?? It's all starting to become very real now :-)


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Hi lianm8. Good to hear that everything seems to be progressing for you. Often a first appointment with the nurse involves further blood tests being carried out to check for HIV, Hepatitis, and chlamydia. Probably check out your hormones again including AMH. A further semen analysis ordered if any problems with the last one. A chat about giving yourself injections, plus when these will start. Then there will be some legal paperwork to fill in, which you may have to take away for GP to sign. You might be invited to an open evening to learn all about the process from start to finish, although this is not always offered. An internal scan of your ovaries may be done too to check for any cysts on your ovaries. Arrangements may also be made for you to have a laparoscopy or an HSG (hysterosalpingogram) to check your tubes if required. Can’t think of anything else, but wanted to say good luck with it all, and hope all goes OK. Diane


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