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Frozen IVF Cycle

Sorry if this is reposted not sure if my first post went through ok.

Hi all,

Currently going through frozen cycle. I believe everything is going to plan. Was given an injection on day 21 cycle in Sept then on 6th Oct was told the womb lining is low enough to start building it up again.

I've been given Climaval and to take 3 tablets once a day. So far I think it's working however this weekend I've been feeling like am ovulating - does anyone know if this is right?

Back in clinic on Tues to see how things are going with a potential tfr the following week.

Sorry for my post.


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Hi, that might be all part of the plan but phone clinic to ask. I just had a FET on fri but using natural cycle. My cycle dragged and was a week later than usual so it wsnt until they detected ovulation hormone that cd put a date for the transfer. Meanwhile i ws convinced period wd arrive and ruin it all. It didnt so all went well. Trust yr clinic and they will reassure you. Best wishes for the cycle. Xxx


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