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Why am I bleeding?

Miscarriage clinic went really well on Thursday just have to wait for results now which will take 6 weeks. Today I've started to bleed and have cramp pains, I don't know why I am bleeding because I don't have periods (which is why I can't conceive) never had them. I had my medical miscarriage the beginning of August. Why am I bleeding now? I'm worried.

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Could it be that becoming pregnant has kickstarted your reproductive cycle and this is a normal period? I'd see if I can phone your clinic or gp and ask their advice x


Hi SuzanneAM. As you are having cramp like pains, I think it would be best to get checked out. Might be a period, could be a bit of retained product after the miscarriage, although a bit late for that now. Hope all is well. Diane


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