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Traumatic transfer day

What a day! On the way home from the hospital after fet our 3rd attempt but didn't think it was going to happen - clinic called to say our embryo was borderline, had to wait and see if they called to cancel before setting off and even sat in the room waiting for the transfer they said they hadn't checked it for a couple hours so would have to check if it was ok!

I'm traumatised!! :-(

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I'm not surprised you feel traumatised after all of that. Stressful!

Sometimes the medical professionals don't seem to appreciate how hard this is for us. I can't believe they said they hadn't checked for a couple of hours when they knew you were coming, I would have thought they'd have an update for you ready on arrival.

Fingers crossed for OTD.

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I know, in my experience the embryologists are rubbish with their inter personal skills..they certainly were today! Thanks xx

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Aww you have had a traumatic day I hope your ok, try to de-stress now and relax. Good luck on your 2ww, I hope your lil embryo burries in nice, it's obviously a little fighter xxx


Thanks hun, I got straight in the couch when I got home and that's where I plan on staying for the next day or so :-) xx


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