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Another step back

Hi ladies as some know i was supossed to have my surgery tomorrow,but once again today less than 24 hours i received a call from the hosital cancelling it because they don't have enough beds...I was fuming because me and the hubby had to arrange the all week to be off and now just had to ring job to let them know as i work for shifts and they were all coverd for at least 2 weeks..

I don't know how much i can take now because i can't do nothing before doing this surgery and to get things even bad my hubby niece just had a baby today so all the talk now its about babys..

When we think we are going on the right path there's always something to takes us down ...

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Hi pinto8. Oh dear! Nothing much to say about this, except that I was so sorry to hear of the cancellation due to lack of beds, which is awful. Sadly, this can happen as it all depends upon the previous days’ admissions (emergencies etc.). I think all you can do is to try and remain as strong as you can, and hope that a “bed” becomes available soon. Keep in touch with your consultant’s secretary about this. I can relate to your upset at hearing about the new baby, so difficult to manage at such a time. Unfortunately, there will always be babies around, we can’t alter that, but just for now, look after you and don’t feel you have to go and visit. Perhaps just send a card for now. I do hope that all soon falls back into place for you and that you can soon go ahead with your surgery. Diane


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