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What to ask in follow up appointment?

Hi ladies. This Friday we have our follow up appointment following our 1st failed IVF in September. Every time I go to a consultant appointment I end up nodding to everything they say and not really getting the most out of it. Just wondered if anyone has advice on the type of questions we should be asking? We have unexplained infertility, got lots of eggs with lots fertilised with icsi (all good so far!)but only got 1 blastocyst which obviously didn't stick. Thanks. X

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Hi Lamb82. I do have a list of questions you might like to go through before you go on Friday. It is too long to add here, but if you send me your email address in confidence to dianearnold@infertilitynetworkuk.com I will send it to you. I'm sure the other ladies will help out too. Good luck! Diane


Hi. I would be very interested to hear what you learn. We had 11 eggs, 6 fertilised and 3 made it to blastocyt but the clinic did not wnt to use one of them because "there was sthg weird going on with it". I also think this is strange. How do yo go from lots to 2?.

Did you have pictures of the fertilised eggs taken as they developed? Can they tell anythg from looking at the pics? I wonder if they can keep the embryos for further testing...

Good luck on Friday


Hello lamb82,

I'm sorry that your first round failed. All of this treatment is such an ordeal.

As someone who has also struggled with unexplained fertility, I think I would want to find out about having further tests. As you had lots of eggs and no other issues identified but only one blastocyst, e.g. it may be worth asking for a referral to the urologist for your hubby. After speaking to a patient in the waiting room before one of our appointments my hubby and I discussed similar scenarios before our round and this was going to be our plan of action if we had a similar outcome.

Also if your infertility is unexplained I'm

Not sure why ICSI was recommended? I think (if you're trying again) I would want to try IVF to see if the sperm and eggs will fertilise on their own (so to speak) without being injected with the sperm.

Obviously this is just my view and based on what I would have queried but, whatever questions you do ask, write them down in advance and don't be afraid to take a note pad to write things down while you are with the consultant, otherwise I find when I get home I've forgotten half of what I was told!!!

Good luck 🍀


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