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Freaking out, just found a large lump deep inside right breast...


I'm completely freaking out, I'm 5/6DPO & as we thought we'd try naturally till next IVF I've been symptom spotting. My nipples have been tingling so I thought fondle the boobs. I have found a huge lump deep inside right breast close to chest wall. I'm only small chested & hubby is freaking out about it. I'm hoping its start of breast swelling for a BFP but I know it's not so I'm in total panic state until the doctors open on Monday 😢

Sorry just needed to 'say it out load' so to speak

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Do you have a walk in clinic near you? Call the NHS direct and they may be able to advise you what's available over the weekend. fingers crossed it's just your body playing tricks on you.


Don't worry. I have experienced this and I was seen and had my mind put at rest within days. It was a cyst which the majority are, but still definitely get it checked out tomorrow at yr doctors. They should give you an appointment the day you call if you tell them when you call that you've found a lump and ring first thing in the morning. I was seen on the day, was at the hospital within the week and was given the all clear at the hospital so no waiting around for results. Hope you get sorted, you'll be fine, but do go to yr doctors tomorrow Xx

poochi in reply to Hidden

Thanks hun for the reply that has made me feel better :) my husband has just felt sick since I found it, just hope my doctors are as good as yours! Xx

Hi, the same happened to me towards the end of our first (failed) IVF cycle. Don't panic, just call your doctor on Monday and get it checked out. It might be breast swelling because of your hormones, or it might be a cyst, or nothing at all or something they need to look at. Just get it checked out, they usually take these things seriously and do a couple of tests with you on the same day and then you know. in my case it isn't a cyst and they recommended to take it out (which I will do soon) but I'm told I'm more the unlucky exception. There are all sorts of lumps you can have in the breast and the very big majority is nothing to worry about at all. I hope all will go well for you, and try not to think about it too much - there is nothing you can change at the moment. I know it's very frustrating but I have just 6 weeks of tests behind me so I had to learn patience the hard way :). Good luck, and I hope for you it just means very good news in your case!!

poochi in reply to miri-p

Thanks hun I'm definitely getting it checked ASAP. Really hope your treatment goes well so you start treatment again soon. Good luck xx

samrakkar in reply to poochi

Let us know how you get on tomrowow. . I'm sure it's nothing xx

So got an appointment with the doctors this morning and she thinks its just a cyst but has done a fast track referral to have it checked as only that will confirm. She advised should all be dealt with within 2 weeks which is a relieve. Thanks for all the kind words :) xx

pm27 in reply to poochi

That's good, glad you got it checked and you will be seen so quickly.

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to poochi

Hi poochi. Well done for getting this checked out asap. Fingers crossed that all is well. Diane

That's good! They will prob call you today or the morning at the latest... they say 2 weeks but they act a lot quicker x you'll be fine keep smiling x

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