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Success with third embryo transfer


This is my first post on here and I am looking for some positivity 😊 I am about to do my third embryo transfer with a 6day blasto on my natural cycle, has anyone else been third time lucky? The last two fails have been heartbreaking, the last one resulted in a biochemical pregnancy with morning sickness!! So I really thought that was it! When the test was negative on my OTD I was devastated! So close... Praying we are third time lucky!

Lou x

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Just keep going, you never know when is going to appear the golden egg, and giving the fact that embryo is alive 6th day out of body, is such a promising egg ! In any case be positive and strong ! Life is unpredictable !

I wish you good huge luck !


Good luck babe! When's transfer? X


Yes, I had a failed fresh cycle followed by a chemical on a natural FET followed by a BFP on third attempt (FET). The only change I made was taking baby aspirin from the day of ET. Check your clinic are happy for you to take it. I also had acupuncture pre and post transfer.

Really hope it works for you this time. The fact you fell pregnant last time is a good sign.

Good luck!


Thank you x smiley cat that fills me with hope x was the third a natural FET too then? Was that the first time u had acupuncture? I have reflexology and love it but not tried acupuncture yet, did they recommend pre and post transfer then?

I am waiting for my period then will start testing on day 9, I then have transfer 6 days after my peak so should be mid October, the more u go through the harder it gets almost. Just praying this one works, the 2ww will be tough!

Thank u ladiesxx


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