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Anyone good at maths for Frozen ET

Hi folks,

Anyone with experience of a natural frozen transfer? I have 5 day blastocyst lined up for a frozen ET. My period started today and the clinic are going to be doing the ET based on timing of a natural cycle. I know they will get back to me with dates, but anyone got any idea approx. when the Et might be?

Thankyou, xxx

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Hi Hun I had a natural frozen transfer as well I had to phone on day 1 and was told to test for lh surge from day 8. I had lh surge on day 11 and phoned then asy embryo was day 6 I had it transferred 6days after lh surge which for me was cycle day 17 I'm currently 6dp6dt x


Hiya, Thanks for reply. I think it must vary depending on the length of your usual cycle. Clinic just phoned me to say I will have to go in for the blood test on day 14/15 to test for surge- which is 30th Sept. Then might be 7-10th Oct for ET. It's hard not knowing as my work need my final leave put in for the year, and I just don't know the day of ET. Also would like a couple of days off during the 2ww. I might have to say I have a medical procedure this time round. Good luck with it all. How are you feeling?



Hi smallcat. this is the way I know, but your clinic may differ. Might give you an idea though. It involves telephoning your patient coordinator on the first working day after Day 1 of your period. He/she will then advise you when to commence the Clearplan Urine Kit or daily blood tests to detect ovulation. You will have an ultrasound to confirm the development of your follicles. The transfer of the embryos will be timed for two or three days after ovulation, depending on the age and development of your frozen embryos. On average 2 out of 3 embryos successfully thaw. On the day of transfer you then phone the clinic to check if the embryo/s have survived the thawing process before being admitted to the clinic/hospital. The embryos will be transferred to the uterus in the same way as a fresh transfer. You will be required to use progesterone medication after your embryo transfer. DO NOT stop the medication unless instructed by the clinic. Hope that helps. Diane


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