Burselin nasal spray day 4

Hi there so I have finally started and I am on the spray now for 4 days and feel pretty rough since about day 2. Feels like a very bad head cold ongoing. As soon as I take nasal spray I have sneezing convulsions, streaming eyes and runny nose for a period of time then it settles. Is this normal?? Im not sure if I have a cold that ls maybe aggravated by the spray?!

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  • Call your clinic and tell them. You may need something different. It does absorb super fast, but you need to hold the sneezes in a few minutes! It didn't agree very well with me.

  • Hi Sorcha_H. Oh dear! Not nice when this happens! Maybe see if it settles down, in case you do have a bit of a cold. However, as “Filmgirl101” says, the drug is absorbed super quick, so should still be doing its job. If it does carry on being nasty, then speak to your clinic, as they may suggest changing over to injections. Hope all soon settles down and you can get back on your way without too much hassle. Diane

  • Hi Diane and Filmgirl101 thanks v much for your replies. Looks like it was mayb a cold after all as its stopped now and not having any big probs since.plus a few work colleagues have cold now too! Thanks again..looking forward to completing this stage of treatment and getting onto the injections but just taking it a day at a time for now.

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