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Blood test to detect Ovulation - Advice needed


My husband and I have been trying for a year to conceive wth no luck so my Dr has booked for me to have a blood test n day 21 of my cycle to detect whether ovulation takes place. Every month i used the clearblue ovulation test and it always registers my high and peak which is a good sign so fingers crossed I do ovulate.

My query is about the timing of the blood test. My cycles are usually 29 days and my Dr booked it for Day 21. However, this month my ovulation occured slightly earlier than usual (Day 12). So I am worried that Day 21 will be too late to detect anything. Will it be? Should I rearrange my blood test for 2-3 days earlier?

Thanks for any advice.

P.s. My husband had his sperm sample results and all were normal!

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I you've call your doc and ask their advice telling them your ovulation dates. If your always getting an ovulation positive that's a good sign hun. Good luck xx


I would say you should be fine as it just needs to register after ovulation levels and you still would have ovulated. If you were to come on early then it can muck the readings up - that's what happened to me one time.

Wishing you all the best, good news on hubbys smimmers! x


I have a funny cycle which ranges from 24 to 34 days and they also had problems getting this timing right. The first blood test they did didn't show I was ovulating but this was put down to poor timing. The solution was for me to go into the fertility clinic for a few scans around that time so they could see what was happening and could then time the blood test right. The good thing was that on that month I knew exactly when I was ovulating. The nurse even told me that tonight would be the right nigh to try. Unfortunately I didn't get pregnant, my body even decided to play games with me that month and give me the longest cycle I'd had in ages, so I started getting hopeful :-(

Anyway check with your clinic and they may choose to try this approach with you too xx


Hi Jimjam13. I wouldn’t worry too much at this stage about the timing of your ovulation, as you do not have a particularly haphazard cycle. I would go for the test on Day21 as advised. The result for positive ovulation should read 30 or more. Good news too about your husband’s result. Good luck! Diane


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