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Back to work...stress...positive thoughts

I arrived back to work this week after having 3 weeks off to find that I’ve been moved to a different department. After having my back to work meeting with my manager, she explained that I’ve been moved to a different department as she wanted to give me a job that wasn’t too stressful and more flexible that I could have time off in the near future for appointments etc. I don’t mind as I want to concentrate on trying to have a baby.

The company has been really supportive, however due to being off work I’ve had a huge loss in my wage, which I knew was going to happen but emotional to see as I pay private for IVF, so I've felt the stress this week, an up and down first week back to work. I have a follow up consultation next Tuesday and I’m hoping I will be allowed to try again in November.

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Hi is good to see your boss done this to you x I was off my whole cycle coz job is really hard and stresfull and I just phoned my boss he didn't even say sorry to hear that ( negative beta test second cycle today ) x so on the top of bn money less broken and upset I got another worry and that's return to my work.. really glad for u and hope u will get your good news when u start again in November x


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