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Thank you for all prayers and support.. but as we thought blood test is negative they are going to review cycle and send me letter thru I can book follow up again but don't really see point in driving so far away to be told it was bad luck.. know many of girls here had same or similar problem our first IVF ended as chemical 8 eggs collected.. this cycle 11 eggs collected but only 5 for me as I am sharing coz there's no way we could afford 2 or 3 full paid cycles.. don't want to jump into the same thing again and go for sharing with same clinic and same protocol and same end of it.. any ideas out there what we should look into and what to do to improve chances.. I don't drink don't smoke am no over weight try to eat healthy.. really don't know what else we should try or go for full paid cycle one last time xx hope all girls out there getting their bloods done got better luck and will get their babies soon x

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Really sorry to hear this Miroslava. Take good care of yourself x


Hi Miroslava. So sorry to read that all did not turn out well for you, especially as you had been so generous. I realise that you will have much to ask when you do decide to go back for a further consultation, so if you like, I do have a list of questions that you might like to look through before you do go back. Unfortunately, it is too long to add here, but if you would like to email me in confidence, I will gladly send them to you. My email address is dianearnold@infertilitynetworkuk.com Thinking of you. Diane


Hi Icc123 what Chinese medicine u was taking ? At the moment I'm taking only Royal jelly .


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