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Low progesterone

Hello ladies,

Im news on here and was hoping for advice or success stories. We have been trying for our second child for 2 years now and recently went to the doctors for help. We have had all the tests done, my partners sperm count is great but I have low progesterone, we have been referred to the fertility specialist but it's a very long wait, so have been trying a few things of our own, Angus cactus and progesterone cream mainly. Does anyone else have low progesterone? What are you trying while you wait? Thank you for reading.

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I thought Agnus cactus shortened the Luteal Phase...


From what I have found its a natural herb that helps with hormone imbalance in general... I haven't seen anything about shorting the luteal phase? Hope I haven't been making things worse...


Just a random thought... I also thought I had low progesterone but turned out my docs were testing on the wrong date because my cycle isn't 28 days - it's a bit irregular but more like 33 days. Once they tested on the right day they worked out that whilst I was still a bit on the low side I was just within acceptable limits. For me the fact that they tested wrong was a good thing because it did actually get them to refer me earlier than they otherwise would have done but for me taking progesterone cream wouldn't have helped. Before you start taking supplements are you sure you've tested on the right day? It should be done 7 days before AF starts.


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