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Folic acid

Hi folks, Small question about folic acid dosage levels. I currently take the wellwoman preconceive tablets every day which has folic acid as part of it. I was thinking of also taking a folic acid tablet in addition, to make sure I'm getting enough. Does anyone know what levels are considered beneficial during IVF and after.

Many thanks in advance,


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Hi Smallcat,

I'm pretty sure the Wellwoman tablets have the recommended dose which is 400 micrograms daily, so you shouldn't need anything further.

Anjel x


Hi! the dose must be 400 micrograms of acid folic. I don't think it is a good ideea to take more because your body takes some folic acid from food as well. I am taking Pregnacare, it was recomanded by my dr. But I think all of this vitamins for pregnancy contains the right amount of folic acid.

Goodluck! x

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Wellwomen has the recommended 400 dosage I also try to eat folic acid in my diet.


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