Hmm what's going on with these ovulation tests!

Hmm what's going on with these ovulation tests!

Why am I getting fairly strong positive ovulation test in a row I thought it was only ment to be for a day or two ... am not using these to ttc at the min jut hoping to work out when my period is due av not had one for over 4months now! ...does any one know another reason for these results am I reading them wrong doing them at wrong time of day or could the positive be a result of my hormones being unbalanced will attach a pic ...sorry to be annoying just trying to peace my cycle together not going well lol thanks every 1 for your time xx

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  • Hi hunni sorry your body is confusing you know that feeling quite well ๐Ÿ˜” as if this situation isn't hard enough. Sigh.

    Obviously I'm not medically trained I would advise to speak to your GP..? As I think lots of LH surges occur with PCOS and the fact your periods aren't regular would also suggest PCOS. Have you been referred yet to a fertility specialist yet?If not I would urge you to. There is prescribed medication you can take which can "kick" start a period. A fertility specialist can prescribe clomid which should encourage regular ovulation which you would be monitored with scans and blood tests which would confirm ovulation. Good luck with everything I wish you the very best with your journey ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

  • Hi thank you so much for your your reply my gp thought it could be pcos too so I have an appointment with specialist I am thinking it could be that too as I have been getting more spots on my face and back than before I came off pill and a little bit facial hair (not loads) but enough to feel I have to use creams etc every few days to avoid embarrassment. ..also I have type 1 diabetes so I have herd that could be a factor too I am not over weight that's the only one of the symptoms I don't have but I know it's not always the case ..If this is the reason for not getting pregnant it would explain alot hopeful I can get a treatment sooner rather than later ...its just getting to see the right doctors fingers crossed iget answer at my appointment which is about 2 weeks away!

    Many thanks xxxx

  • Hello Mrs123, I too sometimes have faint lines a couple of days before the LH surge, which at first was very confusing. But I think if the test line is weaker than the control line, then you can dismiss it as a negative. Also, it seems that it is better to carry out the test at a similar time, especially in the evening, and not drink too much or go to the bathroom a couple of hours before you test. LH may be present in your system throughout the cycle, so it might be worth testing at the same time rather than at different times of the day to get a more accurate picture. Also, perhaps take a picture of the strip after 10 minutes for comparison, rather than keeping them because they do tend to get darker the next day...

  • Thanks for your reply ..yeah your right also these test arnt the best to use and read so am thinking ov maybe just leaving them until I speek to a spesh am only worrying myself sick over everything at the moment.

    Many thanks for your reply appreciate it xxx

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