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It's getting harder to stay positive :-(

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this site and looking to share my story. I've recent had my blood results from my 2nd embryo transfer and to my husband and I's disappointments my HCG levels came back at 9.

The nurse advised us that below 50 for a 5 day transfer is a negative. I'm due for more bloods on Thursday to confirm but I feel this is causing me additional emotional torture.

With our first transfer there was no HCG levels at all and I was bleeding heavy so I had mentally prepared myself for a negative result. Anyone else been in this position?


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What day are you on post transfer? Mine came back at 14 on 8dp5dt but had gone up to 281 two days later. I'm now 15 weeks pregnant with twins. You need to prepare yourself for the worst, but there is still hope so please try and relax if you can. Xxx


Thanks for your comment lovely and congrats on your pregnancy :-) I was 9dp5dt. I've done another pregnancy test today and its negative :-( me and my hubby have just been and booked a holiday to take our minds of things. Xxxx


I'm sorry, that sucks. I hope your holiday is fantastic. Xxx

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Thank you xxxx


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