3rd FET tomorrow

Haven't posted for a while but after 2 failed natural fet cycles were having our medicated fet tomorrow. It feels like this cycle has taken a long time but am excited and nervous for tomorrow and not looking forward to the 2ww. Luckily were on holidays and can relax and take it easy but I'm worried that not going to work and not doing lots will mean I keep thinking about it as work usually keeps my mind off it. X

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  • Hi good luck to you for FET. Hope it all went well. Yes you are right, 2ww doing less work makes think a lot on it. Try some movies, TV shows etc.

    Sending you lots of baby dusts xx

  • Thanks hopeforicsi. All went well today and my test date is the 22nd so just need to keep myself occupied till then. Positive thoughts all the way :)

  • Sending you lots of baby dusts xx

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