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Stats for Clinics on HFEA site useful

In researching the private options in the Glasgow area I came across some of the HFEA stats for each clinic including the nhs run GRI. Horrified to see that the most recent stats available for 2012-2013 at GRI have 0% rates for both fresh and frozen cycles for age bracket 38-39 and 40-42 and above. I doubled checked the figures across two sources and this seems to be true. I have now made an app with the private GCRM clinic which has the highest stats in my area for my age group.

Anyhow I thought some of you might be interested in this official site, if you haven't already seen it. Allows you to see the stats on NHS and private clinics in your area.


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I am in Glasgow too and read about the stats a while back. I know GRI had some massive issues with success rates when they were rebuilding the assisted conception unit which I think lead to people being transferred to private (paid for by NHS) or offered a 3rd go. Since the until opened i think their stats have greatly improved with a pregnancy rate of over 50% (I think this is on their website) they have all the latest tech now too. I am not sure about the results for the age group you are looking into tho. Saying that I went to GCRM for my lap and dye test as the waiting list was so long for NHS and they were lovely. The doctor I got there is also the head person for assisted conception in Scotland (or something like that) so you will be in the best hands.

Good luck with your journey and wishing you lots of baby dust xxx

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Thanks Hhmcct, That's all really useful info. My acupuncturist told me there was a problem with the GRI unit until they moved location, unfortunate for those who were affected that year though. I hadn't heard about them giving extra cycles or private options though. I'm going ahead with GCRM now, as I feel we have to do the best we can for the three frosties and I expect there will be less of a wait than with GRI.

I'll have a look at their website for their current stats, strange the HFEA didn't have more recent stats.

Best wishes, xxx


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