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Private treatment for frozen transfers

I know I'm probably just over-reacting to the BFN result but I have decided to have an app at a private clinic. The nhs service (except waiting times)has been lovely but I am concerned over the waiting time to go back for our 2nd ET. I wouldn't get my next nhs consultation until end of Sept to discuss next treatment, so I expect they would advise either waiting until next period or doing a medicated cycle before the frozen ET, which takes me to at least October or Nov before ET.

So I'm paying to have a private consultation at the Nuffield in a week, to see if a frozen cycle could proceed any sooner than that. There may only be a few weeks in it, but I just can't wait until the end of September to find out what the plan is.

I just need to know my options. More waiting hurts too much.

Anyone here had any experience of waiting for 2nd cycle on NHS and did you feel it took too long due to waiting times?


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It's a bit of a nightmare to be honest as they usually make you wait until you've had 3 periods before doing a frozen transfer but in hindsight I would say it's for the best as it takes your body a few months to recover from all the hormones etc. I didn't realise the toll my first ivf cycle had taken on my body and I thought I was ready to try again straight away but I realise now that was not the case. I just had my frozen transfer yesterday after having my first BFN on 24th April and I definitely feel I'm in a better place mentally & physically this time round. There's no harm in having the private consultation with Nuffield but I was strongly advised not to deprive myself of the free treatment I was entitled to from the nhs. What I would also say is that when you go to your follow up appointment with the nhs you can discuss with them your thoughts & concerns and they might treat you earlier if they can. My frozen cycle was brought forward slightly because of ongoing gynae issues I'm having so they were very fair with me. Good luck with whatever route you decide 💜 x x

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The waiting involved in treatment is really hard. I just wanted to get going straight away after our first round but second round was about 4 months later due to side effects of treatment. I was told that it was best to have at least one if not two periods between treatments. I'm glad now that we had to have a bigger gap between treatments to recover emotionally.

There's no harm in getting a second opinion but as you can get treatment on the NHS I'd use that before going private. We're private as too old for NHS treatment. Take copies of your notes, blood test results etc with you to the private consultation.

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Thanks, I feel better having made the app at the private clinic, which is in just over a week. I seem to be starting a period today, one day after the BFN so likely it would be at least two periods before would go for the next ET.

In researching the private options in the Glasgow area I came across some of the HFEA stats for each clinic including the nhs run GRI. Horrified to see that the most recent stats available for 2012-2013 at GRI have 0% rates for both fresh and frozen cycles for age bracket 38-39 and 40-42 and above. I doubled checked the figures across two sources and this seems to be true. I have now made an app with the private GCRM clinic which has the highest stats in my area for my age group.

Thanks for your advice , it is a good idea for us to have a wee breather and recover from the whole process. We're going on a wee break next week so that will help a lot. My DH has been amazing with me, and we are even closer through this process.

Best wishes, xxx


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