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Hi All,

This is my first post and i just need some clarification really, this whole process is confusing!

I received an email from the clinic, saying the plan will be for me to start medication with my August period. And the first scan for treatment will be on 29th September and Egg collection and embryo transfer approximately 2 weeks later. I am a bit confused as i have googled a few things and every website says you have a scan when you have your period and then medication and then egg collection.. to me the timing doesn't match up if i am starting meds with my August period?

Any help would be appreciated!!


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It all depends what type of meds and treatment you need. They vary from person to person due to your AMH levels and also how you respond to the meds to stimulate the eggs etc. Some people start meds on their period and some like me started on day 21 of my cycle. Have they told you your AMH levels are low or high? I take it it's NHS clinic too.

Best wishes, xxx


Sounds like how my ivf cycle was. I was on a long protocol. Started the 'contraceptive pill' on first day of period to arrest my cycle, then started injections of ivf drugs and had 3 scans to check how ovaries producing eggs. Took around a month or so.

Then final trigger drug shot and egg collection, then transfer blastocyst either 2, 3 or 5 days later (depending on whether they could fertilise the blastocysts to survive until 2, 3 or 5 days).

My clinic went through it all with me before it started so yours should, and if you have q's they should oblige. Good luck.x


Hello, I had to call the hospital on the first day of my period. They told me to start my meds 21 days later (as I was on the long protocol) and I had my first scan a few weeks later. So I wouldn't worry, the exact treatment varies from person to person. Good luck! x


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