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Day 6 ET

Im just wondering has anyone here had their ET on day 6 and why?

I had my EC on Tuesday last week, I was told by the clinic my ET could be on Friday and they would let me know. I got a call on thursday saying it would be at 1pm on the friday So I was mentally preparing myself for that. Then they called me Friday morning and said that 4 of the embryos were top quality but there were 3 more not just as good so in order to get the best possible embryo of them all they were going to take it to day 5 and do the ET on Sunday at 11. So I had myself all geared up again for it happening today and then they rang me at 8.30am this morning to say they were taking it to day 6 and ET will happen tomorrow instead!!! So frustrating waiting all this time and being told its happening only for it to change again this morning at the last minute. At least i know that it cant be postponed again as day 6 is the max time.

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I can understand that you're frustrated by all the delays but trust your clinic as they're the experts and they're looking after your best interests. It's fab that your embryos have made it this far as a lot don't. Timelines are never guaranteed with IVF as everybody responds differently so try not to stress. Wishing you the best of luck with your journey 🌼x🌼x


It always seems to be a daily assessment/gamble that the clinics make as to when they think they should transfer..

During my first round, we had 4 blastocysts at day 5 when we went in for transfer...they said they were going to transfer 1, freeze 1 and the other two weren't quite at freezing criteria, so they were going to give them another day to see how they got on..they didn't get to freezing criteria.

You've obviously got a nice strong bunch of embryos and they can't decide which is the best one at the time to transfer.

The waiting phone calls are the worst, especially when they are changing yours..don't be worried about asking them why it kept changing x


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