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Advice please ladies at my wits ends!

Hi ladies.

Having had the courage to email my consultant (I really hate being pushy) But her secretary emailed me back my word it was pretty bad news... My consultant has family emergency and is unable this is twice she has canceled my operation. Whilst I have every sympathy for her (I'm really not a horrible person) I feel so let down by hospital. She did say that she would try to sort something out with the hospital and to bear with her.. Great more waiting. Feels like there's always hurdles chucked at me and some ways id be better accepting I'll never have a baby with my husband rather than fight this constant losing battle. I'm sorry and I hope I haven't brought anyone down and hope everyone is ok (as can be)

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Hello Jess!! Firstly well done for taking the bull by the horns and asking, it's really hard to do that sometimes with Doctors! I'm sorry that you haven't got the outcome that you wanted regarding your appointment, I'm sure you will agree the constant waiting is absurd when trying for a baby from diagnostics to treatment!! I know it isn't easy waiting (& waiting!!) but it's positive that she said that she would get it sorted for you, did she give a date when she would get back to you? If not keep calling (& calling) till you get the answers you need. Best of luck be kind to yourself and have a big glass of wine and chocolate xxx


Not surprised you're feeling annoyed. As Springshade says keep contacting the hospital and hopefully you'll get a date very soon.


Hi Jess1981,

You were right to ask and it's not pushy at all. We all have commitments and lives to lead so it's perfectly ok to expect some clarity on timescales.

While its very frustrating, as you say emergencies do happen so just make sure you keep in contact with her secretary. Look into holidays and discuss your proposed dates with the secretary to avoid any more clashes. Yes, the treatment is important but it's also important to have a holiday and a break from all the stress!

Take care x


Yes it's quite frustrating to be in situation like you. Hope you'll find a way to solve this problem very soon. Xx


So sorry you're feeling like this Jess1981. It's so hard dealing with all this as it is and then having the added stress of waiting and uncertainty. I hope they sort it out soon but as hopeful1983 says, make sure you take some time to yourself and clear your head of all the negativity and you'll be back in fighting form. Fingers crossed for u hun x


Sorry to hear this honey. I would keep emailing or calling her, polite but don't let her forget about you x x x good luck x x


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