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Heavy bleeding at 7 weeks.

Hi everyone, am having a bit of a scare. I had heavy bleeding 2 nights ago and was admitted to hospital. An ultrasound showed both babies still have heartbeats but I am getting mild period cramps and brown spotting. The sonographer thought the bleed was likely to be caused by the hormones I am on as I conceived after IVF. Am so scared the red blood will start again and it will all be over. Am scared to move. The doctors and nurses are just advising me to pray as it's in God's hands now (I'm in a hospital in Abu Dhabi) but I'm not finding this advice too comforting.

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I'm thinking of you and hoping that it'll be alright. It's good to hear that your babies have heartbeats.

Sending you much love.


You poor thing! Can't even begin to imagine how you must be feeling. I don't want to sound rude, not sure how religious you are, but things like this youwant medical advice not faith. I honestly hope all works out for you. I have everything crossed for you hunny!! Try and keep strong for you and your beautiful babies xxx


****UPDATE**** I am back home and on bed rest. The spotting is continuing but it's no longer red. Going to the toilet is now filled with a new feeling of fear in case I see red blood but thankfully it looks like things are calming down. We have another scan on Thursday to check things are still ok. Xx


Hello Kernishp, sorry to hear things are not going smoothly. The fact the bleeding is calming down sound positive though and it is normal to have some bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy so hopefully it's nothing to worry about. I will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed that everything is ok!

Best wishes x


We don't really like to think of it but the Fact is there are limits to medicine. ..they can't fix everything. Sounds like those prayers are working. So happy for you. Keep resting ☺


How was your scan today hun? Xxx


The scan showed two little fighters with strong heartbeats. We are so relieved. Thank you for all the kind words and wishes. Xxx


See told you 😁

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