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Feeling a little let down (sorry to moan)

Hi ladies.

I'm sorry just need to get this off my chest. Been holding it together so well, but not today. I've been waiting for over 4 weeks since I heard from my clinic(for fibroid) and so i caved in on Tuesday and rang to see if there was any updates (told at my last appointment operation waiting list was 6 weeks, which it will be this Monday). Anyway my consultants secretary told me there was a date (of course she didn't say when!) and the consultant had to flick through her diary to see if she was available And most importantly she would be in touch within the next few days by the end of this week. Well nothing! I feel so disappointed I had this hope I'd know when it would be happening. I feel like my life is on hold till this done :( Hubby wants to plan a holiday/few days away and we can't make any plans till we know. Can't start trying again till it's done either. Hate off loading to my hubby although he has been really good at supporting me though this whole ordeal. Just want to feel normal lol whatever that is!!!

Good luck to everyone else on their journey Xxx

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I'd call Monday and act like you were out and may have missed a call from them!


I'd call Monday like filmgirl says. Keep at them. That will be a week since your last call so not like you're pestering them. You've gotten this far and managed to get to the root of the problem by being tenacious and fighting for yourself...keep it up and you'll get there xxx


Hi Jess, sorry to hear you're having a rubbish week. I know that feeling of thinking your life is on hold. I felt exactly the same when we were waiting to start our IVF. We also wanted to book a holiday but felt we couldn't until we had some certainty when we would be starting. It did work out in the end and we had a lovely relaxing week in the sun before we started. I agree with the hours. Give them a call on Monday and see what they say. Hopefully your appointment is in the post!

Take care x


Hi jess,I think u need 2 get back in touch with them.youve waited 4 wks,phoned them+2 say theres a date but not tell u when is unfair.like u say,your life is on hold+once u get a date youll feel so much better.xx


Aw Jess I felt like this when I was trying to get a date for my laparoscopy. My mum told me to call them every 2nd day and make a complete nuisance of myself as being nice/patient doesn't always work. I ended up becoming very friendly with the surgeon's secretary & getting a cancellation at very short notice. I really hope you get a date soon. Fingers crossed πŸŒΌπŸ’šπŸŒΌx x


Hi! Jess, like noodles I been through the same thing. To get an appointment for my operation, to investigate my reason for infertility, it was a nightmare. I was told six month, then when that time came they could not give me a definite answer. So I kept being told that I had to wait, so I decided to call them twice a week until they give me a date. They did! soon as they had a cancellation. Yes I was a nuisance but I will do it again if put in a similar situation. Hope that you will get a date soon, hun.


Thank you ladies for all the lovely responses I'm am really touched 😘

Filmgirl thank you , secretary was meant to communicate via email, I could tell a white lie and say my email has been playing up 😏

Weemrsh I know I've surprised myself lol πŸ˜†hubby not too shocked 😈!! But thank you for your kind words ESP after what you've been through. Glad your cycle is back and hope you can make some decisions that are right for you both. Silly to thing say but I hope you're ok 🌸

Hopeful1982 thank you, you always give such sound advice. Hospital is communicating via emails hopefully I will hear soon 😑 Hope that your ivf cycle is going well lovely πŸ™πŸ€

Princess09 thank you, you've been so supportive to me πŸ˜‡ Will talk soon Hun x

Noodles thank you that's great advice, it's a Shame you have to b like that to get anywhere but I guess that's how it is sadly πŸ˜” My hubby was advising the same 😈 Hope all is going well with you πŸ™πŸ€

Hop36 thank you yes the nhs can be such a nightmare sometimes. It really does appear you have to be pushy to get anywhere. It's not how I like to be but.. Glad your keeping on worked that's great hope alls going well with you ❀️

Will update you all when I'm more in the know. Thanks for being there and it's nice to not feel alone or the only one who has to battle forward with the nhs! Xxx good luck to you all baby dust β€οΈπŸ€πŸ™πŸΌ


Hi Jess, you should definitely drop them an email. I contacted my clinic and just said I was looking to book a holiday and didn't want it to clash with treatment and they came back to me within a day or two. I think it's reasonable to want to know so you can plan life around treatment! Take care x


Hi Jess

So sorry you feel u arent getting the answers you deserve to be given. I would definately agree with filmgirl and noodles it pays to make yourself a nuisance. When I was waiting for my hubbys sperm results it was a fri and I was told that they had the results but wouldnt give them to hubby till following week. I kept ringing and in the end broke down on the phone. They backed down and my hubby was able to get the test results. Its bad that we have to go to these lengths. People who havent gone through this emotional rollercoster have no idea what we r going through. Ring monday and if they dont give u an answer ring wed and fri and the same each week until u get an answer. I find becoming upset rather than angry works better in my previous experience but thats only if doctor or receptionist have a heart mind. Good luck and keep us posted on the progress.

In regards to my journey I had my procedure to check fallopian tubes and one side is fine the other slightly blocked. Doctor said im still fine to start first cycle of clomid so currently waiting to come on. On day 33 at the mo. Seems weird I actually want to come on rather than all the previous months not wanting to. Trying to stay positive and do things I enjoy massages, retail therapy, date nights with hubby, hair cuts etc. Big baby wish dust to u xx



Hey Hun I didn't see you replied. Sorry. How are you Hun?

I agree it is awful that you have to be so pushy and forceful with the nhs to get anywhere. It's not how I like to be. Wanting to start a period isn't something you normally want to do lol 😝. Has your period arrived yet? I hope it has (not something I'd normally say) and you can move to the next stage and get closer to having you'd baby πŸ€πŸ™πŸΌ

I emailed secretary and I hope I will hear soon πŸ™will let you know πŸ’ž


Hi girls

I emailed and found myself apologizing for hassling πŸ˜” but I did point out I hadn't heard back πŸ‘Œ and asked for a tough timescale so hubby and could book holiday etc etc β˜€οΈπŸŒŽπŸ·πŸΊπŸ¦πŸŽ‰ but to be very honest it's just as much for knowing as for hold I hate limbo land! πŸ˜•


Wow ok big update. I'm pretty upset right now. 😒 so my consultant due to family reasons has turned up 2 potential op dates. She has gone to India whilst I every have sympathy for her I feel really let down by the hospital. Can't they resign a different consultant to me? I feel like I'm getting no fast like I might as give up. Well no need to worry about holiday clashing with op.. Do say you get some days that are harder than other days.. Well today is one. Gonna crack up that wine in the fridge 😩🍷sorry if I've brought anyone down. Hope everyone is ok Xxx


Hi Jess! Sorry just read this after your newest post. Don't give up! You will get there. I'm having an absolutely rubbish day today too. There have been quite a lot of tears so, if you're opening that wine can you have a large glass for me?! x


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