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Hello everyone .. Today it would be our 6 week scan instead of that we got phone call that my hcg levels now dropped properly down to 3.5 ..so body is going back to normal but heart still breaks and don't think it will ever stop .. We booked follow up appointment for 8th on June and I feel like its going to be waste of time and they will tell us that miscarriages that early happen quite often .. Think this will be my last post here for wee while I would like to say huge thanx to everyone who helped me thru hard times and lots of luck and love and babies to all trying xx I just decided myself that second shot I will be stress less as we know better what its all about and just try to live normal life and don't do everything or think all the time about ivf .. Just go and get on with it x huge thank you and take care all xx

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I'm really sorry for your loss. I know there no words that can ever make it ok. I hope in time you feel better not that you will ever forget. I hope your review in June goes well and some good can come out of this terrible situation. Maybe they will be able to give you something like baby aspirin next time. And just coz you lost this pregnancy does not mean you lose another do remember that. Right now you need to focus on you. Maybe some counseling might be beneficial? No magic wands I know. Infertility can really take over your lives I've not managed not over thinking it I admire you for giving that a go. Wishing you the best on your journey and from the bottom of my heart hope you find peace. X

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Oh Miroslava, I am so sorry you're going through this. It is a grieving process so you need to allow yourself time but it will get easier (even if it doesn't feel like it just now). Take good care of yourself x


Love you dear noodles...


Aw so sad for you my lovely....defo give yourself time to grieve and then build up your strength to come back fighting ..... There are just so many lovely ladies on this site that deserve to have little rugrats...and you are one of them....you take care of yourself..xxx


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