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Confused about Laparoscopy

Hi everyone. Just after some advice. In April I met with a consultant at St Mary's to discuss FET after an early miscarriage after ICSI and was told I needed to have a laparoscopy before requesting treatment again. During the process of ICSI they had seen a shadow on scans and at egg retrieval they found fluid which they drained. The day after egg retrieval I had a scan and the fluid had not returned so I was allowed to have an embryo put back. The consultant said because they found the fluid they needed to investigate to give me the best chance of success with the FET. During the laparoscopy if they find more fluid they will have to remove or clamp my tube.

I had my pre op on Wednesday and found out I'm having the laparoscopy on Monday (which was a shock as I had been told I'd have to wait months). I met with the surgeon (who said he didn't have any of my notes) and he advised me not to have it done and to just wait and see what happened with the fluid. He said he didn't think the fluid would be there again so I should wait for my next egg retrieval and if the fluid is there again then I should have my eggs frozen and have the laparocapy (even though I kept explaining that I wouldn't be having egg retrieval because I have a frozen embryo). And then he started talking about the risks involved in the laparoscopy as if this alone should be a reason I shouldn't have it done.

I'm just really confused. I'm already really worried and scared about having the laparoscopy and now I don't know if it's the right decision. I feel like I should listen to the first consultant and just have it done but the second consultant has really confused me. And I'm really scared about what they might find. Any advice?

Nothing has been straightforward on this journey, I've just completely lost hope that anything will go right. And I've lost hope that we will ever achieve our dream x

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Hi Jen364 look like one consultant speak different then other. But I will definitely go for the first advice. I had laparoscopy, is not that bad I recover Kwik after that . If there is any fluid in your tube then is best to have laparoscopy because then u gonna make sure that everything is ok. If there is any small risk in your tube that might be fluid that will effect your FET . When I had my unsuccessful IVF I didn't have any embryos freez ...and if I did and the doctor told me what he said to u I will definitely wait and do laparoscopy. My both tubes was block ...one of them I have to have removed because was effecting the good one. I know the feeling ... U don't want to go through IVF again if your FET is not going to work because of that . Decisions is yours Hun x


Thank you Olivia, you've made me feel better about having it done x


Hi when I had my first IVF cycle the doctor saw a build up of fluid when he did the egg collection and removed it with the needle. He checked with a scan that it had not refilled before doing the transfer a few days later. However that cycle was not successful but he insisted that we fully check out the reason for the fluid before I tried a FET. I had an HSG which showed the tubes were blocked and then a laparoscopy to remove the tubes completely. I then did FET about a month later and got pregnant.

For me having my tubes removed was absolutely the right decision. My doctor was clear that he wanted to remove any risk of fluid compromising the IVF. I was very lucky in that my doctor managed all of my treatment including performing the surgery himself.

If I was you I would go for it. You should have another meeting with the consultant on the day of the op, before it goes ahead, so you can ask him again why is his view different to the other doctor. However once he sees your notes perhaps it will be different.

Best of luck xx

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Thank you for your reply Katrina, you've made me feel that it's the right decision to have it done and given me a bit of hope x


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