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Wrong written up notes by dr

Sorry ladies don't know what to do. I'm quite upset. I've been really ill which is why I haven't been on here for a while. I am sorry I haven't replied to my previous post And I do genuinely appreciate the support you ladies have given me kept me going :) I saw my dr and whilst he went into another room to look for throat swabs. I looked at my notes. Glad I did. My dr who sent referral off has written wrong things about me. She put I wanted fertlity help hello I'm registered at a private clinic. Also put I'm having periods every other month which isn't the case at all. I have a very regular cycle every 28 days. I told her I was concerned about the bleeding I was getting in between my periods every other month which now is happening every month. Which led to the investigations and And discovery of my fibriod and cyst. I said the periods were very heavy impacting on my health. I dread to think what has been put on my referral. Think I need to bring as much evidence of what has been done. What she's said isn't true and I need the consultant to know the truth and been able to decide what to do with all the correct info. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for reading n good luck to everyone :)

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Hi Jess .. I really dont know what to say x the more i go to doctors here more i hate it and doubt them. Sorry for bn too honest but i am following ivf gjrls in my country (slovakia) too and for some reason i think that they are getting more attention more action and quicker and better care x really wish i would go back home for like two or three month and have treatment done there x looks like doctors here have no idea sometimes and use google to solve problems. Waiting for appointments for ages then seeing all this must of bn so frustrating for u .. Seems like they don't listen .. Time goes so scary fast and we are desperate to start sorting things x I don't know how to help u and I know u were to start same time as me after Xmas this year and I am here heartbroken coz lost pregnancy and u still waiting for them to do something .. I am scared to think what's going to happen tomorrow really and as much as I want to start again I wish I didn't have to to prevent myself from another heart break x we will stay strong coz we have to x I know I will and u will too x


Hi Jess, I think the GPs in this country are terrible. I booked my partner in for his blood checks for HIV, Hep B & Hep C and for some reason they took in upon himself to carry out completely different tests! So he had to take more time off work to go back and get them done! It makes me very happy that we've gone private for our treatment!

Wishing you all the best in the world tho hun. Lots of love xxx


There must be a complaint procedure, usually there's some kind of patient liaison service at the hospital they might be able to help. I assume that you told the Dr that the notes were inaccurate?

Hope this gets sorted out very quickly,


I ask the doctor for photocopies of all my notes after each session, including prescriptions, I was advised to do so by a friend and it's the best piece of advice I have ever taken! You are entitled to see your notes too!! Good luck x


Thanks ladies :)

Miroslava I'm so sorry for the hell you are going through And no there no words that make it ever feel ok. I guess in time it will feel less raw not that you will forget it.like infertility you learn to hold it together and most of the time you are semi ok but occasionally something happens and can re live all these feelings that are locked up at least that's wot I do. The only consolisation And I know it's not much is you have proved to yourself that your body can get preg. When you are ready physically and emotionally you could try again and just coz you lost this pregnancy does not mean you would lose another. Many women miscarry but go on to have healthy babies please don't let this cruel and unfair blow stop you. Have you been oftered counseling? Just an idea. And yes the nhs drs can be awful ours regularly fail to listen to patients. And yes there's always a 2ww to see one too unless it's an emergency. Silver lining I'm in the know And can come to appointment prepared. Tell my consultant the correct info and I just hope she will remove my fibroid and I can get preg natural or ivf. However my baby is meant to come :) I guess it will be worth all we been through to have our baby I beleive both our time will come :) x

Missav good luck with your injections..one more step closer ! Mistakes happen too often in the nhs.. Don't realize or care this is our lives they're messing with. I have found ours to be so lacking in support since we've had problems conceiving which they failed to diagonsis me correctly till recently! At least I can put consultant right and it won't be a horrible shock! Will updated you Monday ekk! Scared And excited with infertility you can feel many emotions all at once crazy! Sure our future babies are worth the fight :) x

Pm27 my fear is if i complain my family will get bad treatment there. It's not right tho but I gotta put my family first. Our surgery is like a 5 min walk so very convinent.not sure wot referral says but I know she wrote wrong symptoms on the day I was refered. Glad I know the error before I see my consultant. Seeing my consultant Monday at Least I'm prepared for my symptoms not to match Drs notes won't be a nasty shock! I've got proof to bring for appointment too. I've got a scan report luckily and it proves fibroid/cyst and states reason for scan intermestrual bleeding. It's the bleeding in between periods with cramping that concerns me coz I worry how I'll hold onto a pregnancy like that.I'm sure the consultant will want to hear from me what's happening :) Will update Monday. Thanks for replying I know you're having a tough time yourself so I really àppreciate the support, hope you can make a decision that's right for you both I know it can't be easy and I hope you get your baby :) X

Carmelkarma that's Great advice will follow that in future. Since our ex clinic lost our referral I now always check hospitals receive any referrals! Sadly it's the way of the nhs it's too over stretched :(must always safe guard yourself. It's not right but it's how it is. Thanks at least I will go into consultants appointment prepared and can put her right :) That would've been a nasty shock to find that out during consultation. I hope alls well with you X


Hi Jess, firstly when you see your consultant the notes made will usually be based on what you tell her. if you want to complain to the GP surgery they have a complaints procedure, usually a letter to the practice manager. It might be worth talking to your GP first though to see what he/she says about it. You can request your notes but again speak to the practice about their policy, if you wanted them of course. I hope this helps. Good luck with your appointment. xx


Thanks dee22 I just freaked out a wee bit. I know the consultant will listen to wot I have to say and when I tell her my symptoms and they don't match my Drs I'll say I'm afraid my Dr has got the wrong end of the stick sure she's heard that before. I'll write bullet points for symptoms and bring a copy of scan report to prove intermestrual bleeding. As long as consultant as the facts that's all that matters. I wouldn't wanna complain or been seen to challenge a Dr not a good thing all that'll achieve is my family getting bad treatment from there not worth it. Stirring it up isn't going solve it. Consultant is the one that matters And I did get a referral. Will update you on Monday ekk! thanks for replying hope that all is ok with you? X


I'm not surprised you freaked out, I'm sure most of us would do the same. I'm ok thanks, start again in 2 weeks. Feel bit more positive and fitter, but unfortunately a bit heavier! Not enough weight gain to stop treatment fortunately. Take care xx


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