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Waiting for St Marys

Hi everyone .

I have been referred by the surgeon who did my laparoscopy last year, for IVF at St Marys hospital , Manchester .

Has anyone been treated at St Marys and if so was it ok ?

In my laparoscopy last year , everything came back ok and I got pregnant naturally after 3 years of nothing , not long after it . Sadly I miscarried at 7 weeks :) and have had no luck since .

My surgeon thinks as I am 38 years old, it would make sense to start IVF treatment . He said it was approx a 2 month wait and I am still awaiting to hear .

Any advice would be greatly appreciated .


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Hi leah345. I'm really sorry about your miscarriage, I hope your ok.

I have been treated at St Mary's. It's been a long journey so far but I think that's because there have been complications that have needed investigating that have delayed the process. So hopefully the wait won't be as long for you as you have already had the laparocapy and I've been told they have hired more staff so hopefully you should be seen quicker.

Overall St Mary's have been good. It's hard because I haven't got anything to compare them to and I always knew this journey would be difficult. The only advice I'd give you is to chase them as much as you can for information. Did the surgeon give you a number you could ring to chase the referral?

If you have any question please ask and I will answer them if I can. I wish I'd had someone to ask questions to at the beginning of this journey x


Hi, I am at St. Mary's at the moment going through the investigations. We were referred beginning of December and got the first form in February and started the tests at the end of March and just finished them last week. We currently waiting for an appointment to see what is next x

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Hi I was referred for a hysterscopy during ivf checks before treatment began as the lining of the womb was to thick they told me 6 week wait , I got a appointment 5 weeks into my 6 week wait and the appointment was 5 more weeks away I got in touch with the complaints department as was devastated as we had had 1 the year before - all clear & was clear again. The reason I complained was we would miss 3 possible ivf cycles and we had waited over a year for ivf to begin. I got a appointment the next week as I had been mistake informed they made us a slot , I am not one to complain but I'm glad we did I made it clear we weren't complaining about a person just the referal waiting lists and what we was told , and even though it was abit of a pain having it done again it was good to know all was clear again we started our ivf the next week , hope this helps good luck xxx


Thanks to you all for your advice and I will try and chase up the referral . I really appreciate you taking time to respond to me . Good luck all you ladies on this journey xxx


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