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Hi ladies

I'm now 6 days in to my 5 day egg transfer and it's getting more and more difficult as each day passes one min I'm really positive the next I'm not x last night I got this gut feeling it hasn't worked then this morn I wake up with period like pains and a spot! I only ever gets spots when I'm about to come on 😢 I don't test till Saturday and it seems so so far away! I am desperate for icsi to work this time as we all are I suppose x it's been 4 years this month we hav been TTC X it's def our turn to hav our bundle of joy 👶

Sorry for the post just feeling very emotional and lost at te moment xxxxxx

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Try and stay positive hun I was so up and down in my 2ww and I got upset at getting spotty as I always get spots when I'm due on , I'm 9 weeks pregnant now and still very spotty lol but if that's one of the Lil things I couldn't care less :) try and stay positive think as if you are and take it easy & got everything crossed for you xxx


Fingers crossed for you x

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Your doing great to get this far it's not long now and everything seems positive :) keeping you in my thoughts and looking forward to hearing of your wonderful POSITIVE news on Sunday xxx


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