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Aftermath of failed IVF cycle

5 weeks ago my cycle failed and the period was so horrendous I had to go to AE who gave me an injection for the pain. I have subsequently got my next period which was normal except for extra pain on my right side . Now the period is nearly finished I have wicked pain on my right hip and right side . It's waking me at night and I am popping paracetamol . I have no idea what's causing it and wondering could it still be pain after a failed IVF? It's my third fail and this didn't happen the last 2 times. It's like a shooting stabbing pain, and maybe it's an infection? Any advice would be grateful. X

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Hi Rose, I have this pain on my left side and I experience it since first failed fresh 5dt, and then remained mildly through FET process, which eventually failed too. But this pain is still with me. Had it quite noticeable in first period, now finished second AF, and feeling it is lesser than before.

What I feel is kind of side swelling or getting harder from inside, it only dissipates when I lie down for long time like whole night.

I noticed more physical activity awakens it somehow. So I listening to body, when it appears I stop.

In the very biggining I contacted GP who told me its very mild aftereffect, if you don't feel any specific problem in pee then simply take paracetamol if you need.

I do listen to my body and I felt low physical activity in case it gets uncomfortable and taking rest, sometimes paracetamol, they all working for me. Have plenty of water as well.

These days after second period (AF) I feel I am doing better than before, I have a longer activity span, like I could walk in city centre for more than three hours.

That's my experience, to tell you that you are not alone to feel that

If you get any information, share with me too, that would help me as well.

Best of luck xx.


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