Chemical pregnancy heartache

Just an update to you all....

sadly I tested positive on official test date and it was chemical pregnancy positive....

The week before test date (5 days before) I had such bad pains and bloated so much I couldn't walk, clinic were very unhelpful so went to doctors. They had no knowledge of Ivf treatment so sadly couldn't help me either.

Two days after test date (last Saturday) I tested again only to get a faint line - but still a clear positive

Went to doctors Monday he was amazing and did a blood test & asked me to go back Wednesday for another blood test to check the hcg levels were increasing as I had a gut feeling something wasn't right.... Thursday 4pm I had a telephone doctors appointment with results.

Thursday morning I started my period very heavy & very painful. Lots of period pains too. I knew it was all over. Doctor phoned at 4 to confirm this was a chemical pregnancy / miscarriage.

Heartbroken, empty & distraught.

Cried for two days.... Had a lovely bottle of wine & a long soak in the bath lots of family walks to clear our heads!!!

But..... 2 days on & On the positive side I have a happy healthy 3 year old, my husband & I are so close it's bought us even closer. My body detected a problem & I'm very proud it's done what it's done from start to finish, my body has show me I can get pregnant so next time will be my time. I won't give up on this dream......

If at first you don't succeed.... Try try AGAIN!!!! - this is me!!!! 😊

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  • I'm so sorry Lucy, that's heartbreaking. I admire you're positivity, you're turn will come!


  • Sorry to hear the news, it's a heartbreaking thing to happen for you all. But sounds like you have gathered your thoughts well and have a wonderful family around you. Look after each other and good luck for the next step on your journey xx

  • Thanks girls. My sister finds out today if she's having a boy or a girl..... This is after having given up one child to his dad and she no longer sees and hasn't seen for years, plus had 3 abortions..... Can't understand life sometimes!!! & I'm expected to be happy for her!!! Stugglimg a little!! 😩 x x

  • Hi x can't believe this happened to both of us x so happy seeing them all positive tests .. I done many xx even clear blue digital that kindly showed pregnant 1-2 weeks x and then heartbreak couple days later x I am heartbroken and happy same time i wasn't pregnant for long .. But my wee embryos were there and positive test showed we can do it x I am scared of next go but will defo do it x lots of love x

  • I'm sorry this time didn't work out but I admire your positivity! You're right, you can get pregnant. Good luck for the next time xx

  • Thoughrs and wishes with you xx Good luck for the next time Lucy xx

  • I'm so so sorry to hear this. I know there are no words that can make this feel ok. Just to say I'm thinking of you and I hope in time you feel better. Sorry to hear about the lack of support from your clinic I'm appalled. If you are planning on another round of ivf I wouldn't go back there And tell them why. It's disgusting. They could've oftered you counseling or something. I would see your gp and see if you can get some counseling to help deal with this huge blow. And to get all those feelings out. I admire your positivity and think you're so brave. Remember just coz this happened does not mean that next time it wouldn't have a happier outcome. Wishing you the very best and sending big huge hugs your way. Here if you need to talk xxxx

  • Sending loadsa cyber hugs your way Lucy26 πŸ’› I'm so proud of the way you're handling things and I admire your positivity. I know you're hurting & heartbroken inside but in the short time I've been in contact with you through this forum I know you'll find the strength to get through this. We both live to fight another day πŸ’ͺ

    The situation with your sister is awful and although it's not my place to judge I can totally understand why you feel the way you feel.

    Hope that hubby of yours is looking after you well 🌹 x x

  • Thank you so much, and you!!! I often think of you.... If you can get through it so can I!!!! 😊 x x

  • You two lovely ladies are so inspiring, we all your bad luck you still amaze me with your positvity I know I'm only at the very early stages but I hope I'm as brave as you to are xx you are very supportive and that in its self is brilliant to see xx

    Loves and hugs to you both xx you both deserve this so much and you will get it xx fight on ladies xx

  • Thank you little 3535 love to you and good luck x x x

  • Aw thanks x x Lucy26 and I were going through our treatment at the exact same time so it was good to be able to compare our symptoms & chat about how we felt each day. Loadsa luv & luck to you too πŸ’Ÿ x x

  • Aww it's much as it is awful us going through this it's nice to be able to share your feeling thoughts treatments etc... I do feel better since knowing we have each other on here xx and I do think in different ways we each help out others xx ranting and expressing how you feel is a good thing because it gets it off your chest :-) xx

    I hope to see good luck coming your way soon :) xx

  • You're doing well. 2 months ago, I was in the same boat. It isn't easy. So excited and then devastated. Keep well and positive for the future.

  • So sorry to read this Lucy your positive attitude after such a blow is very inspiring, really wish you all the best for the future hugs and baby dust xxx

  • I have done nothing but cry most of the day today. Can't get over the heartache..... It's feels so cruel!!! Thank you though means a lot x x x 😘 x x.

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