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Not feeling anything 3 days post ET


I'm on day 3 after having a blastocyst grade 5aa put in me on weds and I'm worried it's not working as I'm not feeling anything 😢 every time I think I'm feeling something it's just trapped wind x everytime i go to toilet I'm worried I'm gonna see blood (none as yet) please can someone give me some advise and some sucsess stories and if u felt anything? 1week today till I test and it's goin soooooo slow xxx

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Keep faith sunnysarah don't stress about it please. Finger crossed for you xx you are a school girl, and you have nothing to worry about darling xx you would do your hobbies and activities to please you.

Good luck xx


Please try not to worry. I know that's impossible! But I felt hardly any different and my last cycle worked!! Everyone is different but as far as I know your symptoms or lack of at this early stage can be interpreted both ways xxxx


It's way too early on Day 3 to feel any pregnancy symptoms, implantation doesnt happen for a couple of days after transfer. It's hard not to worry and stress but at 46 I achieved it & I didnt feel anything during the 2ww & then I never had morning sickness!! Keep positive, visualise your baby sticking and growing and tell it you love it :-) Good luck xx


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