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Right to choose your nhs hospital?

Hi ladies hope you're all ok :)

I know this may seem like a silly question. Recently I've discovered that I've got a suspected cyst on my right ovary and a submuscoal fibroid. Have told my private clinic scan results who thought it was best to put egg sharing ivf on hold till it was sorted. I'm seeing my lady doctor this Friday who is going to refer me to an Nhs gynae clinic . My question is it my choice to chose the hospital I want to be treated at? I know when we were refered for investigations etc to an nhs fertility clinic we had to stay within our county. I don't know if the same applies. Any advise would be very appreciated thank you for reading X

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I would think you could get some choice thru choice and book, you usually get offered a range of locations but it would depend if your private clinic is going to refer to a particular nhs hospital directly. Do you have somewhere in mind you want to go?


Sorry nellynel I wasn't that clear. It wasn't discovered via fertility clinic or fertility investigations. I started bleeding in between my periods once it happened 3x saw a nurse practioner at my doctors surgery who advised me to see a lady doctor who arranged blood tests(all normal) and it was the scan revealed the cyst and fibriod. Again done via the nhs.And my doctor who arranged the tests on receiving the scan results wants to refer me to a gynae. I know it wasn't urgent as she booked an appointment to see her two weeks after being told results.

Yeah I've been doing research on some hospitals location waiting lists etc! I'll have to be patient and wait and see what she advises on Friday!

How are you? You must be due quite soon? Thanks for replying X


Hi Jess, you should be able to choose. Some hospitals have different waiting times too. Ask your gp, she should help. Good luck x


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