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Sub mucosal fibroid. Treatment?

Hi ladies.

I'm sorry I'm feel very low after speaking to my ex nurse. I wish I hadn't now. I can't seem to pick myself up. She told me the consultant I see will make the decision whether my fibroid effects my fertility or not. And knowing the nhs they won't help me. My doctor said the location anterior endometrial wall and it measures 1.1 x 1.2 mm. Does anyone know what the nhs policy is regarding treatment with this type of fibroid? I'm clutching at straws. I've goggled it and they sub muscol fibroids are the type that do impaire fertility the most. My lady dr thinks it might be having an affect on my fertilty hence I'm being re refered appointment to an nhs clinic next week. I just feel like someone has just said I'll never have a baby. If anyone has any info on this I would appreciate it very much thank you X

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I also have fibroids. Two at the last count measuring 8cm and 6.5cm. One is situated behind my uterus and the other within the muscle wall. These were picked up on an ultrasound in November.

I'm having a hysteroscopy done to find out more when I have my lap in June but my gyne consultant didn't seem particularly concerned about them. His response was "40% of women have fibroids. You're not alone."

I'm not sure whether his lack of concern is a good or a bad thing!


Thank you discobec. It's nice to know I'm not the only one! I think depends on the location/if they're having an affect on your fertility /quality of life ie heavy periods etc. I hope yours get treated soon if it's having an affect on your fertility or quality of life. Let me know how you get on hope it all goes well. Thanks for the reply x


Hi jess1981. Just thought I would add my comments, and hope you don’t mind. First of all a sub mucosal fibroid, unless protruding across the entrance of one of your Fallopian tubes, would only present a problem if it were large. The one you have is so tiny, that I can’t see it being a problem. Obviously, your specialist is the one to talk to about it, but I feel that if it is really that tiny, it shouldn’t pose a problem. Fingers crossed! Diane


Thanks Diane have to wait n see as always! If they think it's a prob they're remove it I'm sure. Get some answers soon I hopeX


Hi Jess1981,

I had sub mucosal fibroids, discovered in scans after missed miscarriage, they were quite small(don't know size as they didn't say) but the NHS did remove them as they said it might help in any subsequent pregnancies. I think this was because of where they were. At that stage we didn't know there were any fertility issues.

It's good your doctor has referred you to the clinic and you haven't got long to wait, although I know it must seem like ages away.


Thanks Pm27. Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Glad the nhs picked up on the problem and have sorted it out. I have heard things onLine about sub mucusol fibroid being linked to miscarriages. Me and hubby have started using protection till this is sorted out. This information has given me huge reassurance that I really needed. I think I phased it wrong on post I'm seeing the lady dr a week on Friday and she's gonna refer me then to an nhs clinic. Yep another wait lol! I did ask my dr if my fibroid affected my chances of getting preg and she said not normally but because of the location of it is it could well impact on things so she's going to refer me. I'm sure she wouldn't waste nhs time or money if it was nothing to be concerned over. Was it big op you had to have to remove it and did you need to stay in hospital? Sorry to be nosy just cautious what lies ahead. Always trying to prepare.

Hope things are good with you X


Hi Jess1981, I'm sorry you're experiencing all this stress and uncertainty. Not knowing is often the hardest part! Take care of yourself. Try to do something nice to help you relax. Let us know how you get on next week x x x


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