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Sorry ladies for the post i know I'm moaning. Phoned my doctors surgery this morning and I was told by radiologist the scan results would be there by the end of the week. Well no results back and told to phone back thursday! So still have no idea what is happening and feel so stressed by it! Nothing is ever simple or straight forward! Big waiting game arrrrr !

Anyway congratulations to all those who have just got their BFP and good luck to those still trying/having treatment X

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Jess1981, I was just about to message to see how you got on. How annoying! Waiting is awful and it's frustrating when the goal posts are moved. Try to see it as a positive. If they were really concerned I'm sure they would have the results back quickly! Take care and good luck for Thursday! x

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I've located the error I rang the hospital and they hadn't sent the report! Anyway they said they were sending it within a few minutes of me phoning em! At least it's been sent now :)

And trying to get an appointment to see my lady dr is proving impossible I don't even know how people manage to get these pre book appointments. The receptionists are unbelievable she was there was discussing my previous investigations excuse you a dr now!!!

The lady dr has insisted I came back once results were in and see where we go from there regarding ivf etc. and the radiologist who scanned me advised me to book up an appointment to see the dr who ordered the scan.

I'm not even gonna bother trying to fight receptionists I'll ring back Thursday as agreed and if my dr needs to see me before then she'll let me know.i just cannot be doing with this constant battling with people.

Thanks for replying it's nice having others understand this waiting is the worst part of infertility. I'm still not good at it! Hope your weekend went ok was thinking of you. Hope alls well with you X


Hi Jess

I am pretty sure receptionists in doctors surgery's are employed to ensure you don't get to see the GP! Thursday isn't far away though so you'll get there, it's just a nuisance!

I had a lovely weekend as those pesky, insensitive family members didn't come in the end. I could have done a dance to celebrate 💃but I managed to look appropriately disappointed instead 😪! It's difficult enough without others giving you a hard time just for finding it tough! Thanks again for your support with that. It really made a difference.

Let us know how you get on this Thursday x


Thanks haha I think you're right with drs receptionists!They really are awful!! You're right Thursday isn't that much longer to wait and if she thinks it's very important she will contact me and get me an appointment.If its not then I'll try and book appointment and if I can't I'll get her to phone me and see if she can fit me in her busy schedule :) It's not just about scan results it's if further tests are required/treatment if something's wrong and if I'm clear to start ivf.

I'm so glad that they won't there I was thinking how hard that would be for you. That was lucky bet you relieved right now you don't need that kind of stress. Right now you need to be in good place for the ivf. This is your chance :)

And you're very welcome lovely anytime you know I'm here :) you've been a rock for me through a lot of this ordeal it's really helped me through it. So thank you too X

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It's about the big picture rather than just the results. This has diverted you away from your IVF journey for a bit so you need to sorted do you can get back on track!

Happy to have helped! x


So horrible that you are having such a battle!! I completely agree the waiting is a killer... but that is all you seem to do with infertility isn't it! waiting for appointments, or to start IVF or for the next scan or something... its a killer!!

I really hope it gets moving soon for you and you can get started on your cycle! :-)



Thanks EmmaT88 for replying :) It is so so hard and wot the medics don't understand is our lives goes on hold.I cannot start my ivf till I've got the results and the dr gives me the all clear to go ahead. Wot really wound me up was the receptionis talking about the investigations I've had done and infertility is so private i hate the idea of those receptionists gossiping at my misfortune which I'm prob being paranoid over!

Good luck for Friday tho ekk have my fingers toes and everything crossed for you could be a very Good Friday for you ;) Please do keep me posted here if you ever need a chat X


Yer I competly agree! It's like they don't have any urgency even though your life is on hold! I ended up complaining at some point due to the level of care I was receiving, they kept loosing results and things just drove me crazy. Really hope they get this sorted for you!

Thank you for the support! It's so nice to know people are out there that know how you feel. I will keep you updated! :-) thanks xxx


Update ladies .

I know I wasn't going to phone till Thursday but I was so upset last night that I thought sod it it's my results and then I panicked with the bank holiday looming over and me still not having my answers. So I phoned and I said I was double checking that the hospital had faxed results over yesterday and they had. That instantly made me feel happier, but my doctor has not looked at the report so told to phone 2morro lunchtime to give my doctor a chance to look over it. I will be badgering again 2morro and I will continue badgering until I get my answers at end of the day I put on my ivf on hold coz of these investigations so I don't care if they hate me keeping on!!!

Hope everyone's ok X


I am really pleased you have kept badgering them!! Think sometimes that the only way we get things moving!! Keeping my fingers crossed you have an answer by tomorrow evening then! :-) x

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Thank you EmmaT88 I hate having to be like that but sometimes you've got to get anywhere. Think they was surprised I contacted the hospital but I just want my answers so I can make plans :) Ekk me too been a very long week of waiting since I had my scan! Can't imagine wot the dreaded 2ww feels like!

How are you feeling? X


Another update soz!

So I just spoke to the receptionist at lunchtime as agreed. And guess what? Doctor still has not looked at my scan report! (My lady dr whose been the one organsing the investigations is not in today ) I could scream all I want is my results I'm not asking for much!! So I told the receptionist that I cannot have this hanging over my head over the 4 day weekend so she found me a telephone consulation with my lady dr hopefully will ring 2morro morning. As I'm busy with my son whose playing for bath academy 2morro afternoon! I've given my mob in case she phones afternoon I'd rather not discuss this in front of strangers tho! Got my fingers crossed that I'll get my answers soon so I can make plans. I wish thè radiologist could've just given me the results there and then even if it was bad news :( Feeling deflated hope you ladies are okay X


Again its such a battle isn't it!! you just want answers and no one seems to get that - you would think working in that profession they should realise the importance of telling people their results! really feeling for you at the moment hun!!

Iv only just seen your response to my message yesterday above sorry!! I am going a little crazy now with under 2 days to go... but I am coping. I keep getting period pains now and rushing to the loo but nothing there... so keeping my fingers crossed its a good sign!

I really hope you can get started with your IVF soon, I remember the waiting to begin felt forever, but couldn't imagine what it would be like in your situation!! xxx Waiting Sucks!! xxx :-)


Thanks Hun. It's as frustrating as hell! They don't get/care that we put our lives on hold till we get our results. And the worry you go through whilst having tests.

What made me laugh out loud was from there being no appointments this week with my lady dr (tried many times to get one) to suddenly there's a telephone consulation appointment available!

Hopefully 2morro I'll know wot is wot and then I'll be able to make plans! God fingers crossed X

Your period not showing I would take as a good sign. I seen woman on here period starting 8 days after transfer then sadly a bfn. Yes that is a very promising sign. Fingers crossed for you :) I so hope it's good news for you :) Must be really hard waiting ekk waiting is so hard :(

You need to talk you know where I am. Thanks for being there X


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