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8dp5dt - confused!!!

I have had one failed fresh & one failed frozen cycle. This is now my 3rd frozen cycle.

At 8dpt 5dt I have no symptoms other than period pain for the last 5 days on & off. Every day I think period is about to come any minute! My breasts are not at all sore & have no cervical mucous at all (sorry for the detail!).

Is this normal? I haven't tested - I really want to try & resist as in previous cycles I've been a 'serial' tester & it caused so much upset only to have to test again on the official test day 😞 xx

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Hi im also 8dpt of a day 5 blastocyst i too feel like my period is coming im not sleeping well and i cried my eyes out to my partner this morning about it all feeling very over emotional ! My boobs are abit swollen and were sore yesterday but seems to have gone today also had itchy boobs , i cant really tell with cervical mucas from the pessaries (progesterone) if its that or them keep imaging i see spotting aswel but dont know if im just losing the plot ! Fingers crossed for us though ! Xx


Hi. I had no symptoms until I was around 5 weeks pregnant, even then it was just a bit of nausea. I'm 8w6d now and still feel strangely normal! Don't think about it too much, and best of luck to you xx


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