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Scan done waiting on results :(

Hi ladies. Hope everyone is good :)

Well I said I'd update once I had my ultrasound. First I was I asked if I was on any meds! Then she said I didn't need to tell her so why ask?! She didn't speak much and just proceeded to take images. And got me move different angles . Once it was done I kinda thought she say nothing wrong like I was told last this coz I started to think this was caused by huge amount of stress. But no she went into serious mode and said the report would be sent to the lady dr who ordered the scan to discuss my results. She said to see my dr early next week. Once I was in the changing rooms felt tears rolling down my face...

So I tried to pre book an appointment explaining what I'd been advised by the radiologist nothing available tho so receptionist advised me to book an appointment Monday at half 8 so hopefully I can get an appointment fingers crossed.

Good luck to those trying of having treatment X

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Hi Jess, sorry to hear today has been emosh Hun. It may all be very annoying but it really feels like you are on your way with everything. This whole this is such a waiting game but we will all get there in the end xxx


Thank you Hun for such a lovely reply it means a lot to me :) I'm not very good at being patient lol but is a case of having to be like any of us in this situation. Nothing is ever quick or straightforward! Keep feeling like I'm going backwards and round in circles but I'm sure I will get there eventually and the moment I see that BFP this will become a distant painful memory but worth while :)

How's things going your end? X


It's going ok so far! Day 11 of down reg drugs. Apart from feeling fat and yucky I'm ok. Fingers crossed I start stims next Thursday. It really is day by day, whatever stage we are at hey?! Xx


Hello Jess1981, I'm sorry you were upset today and didn't get answers there and then. I think its quite normal for the radiologist not to give any feedback as they are not doctors so may not fully understand what they are seeing. Try not to read too much into this and try not to worry too much. Take care and try to keep yourself busy this week. Feel free to message me any time if you're having a bad day! x


Thanks hopeful1982. I think I've always been very lucky as all the other scans i was told results all normal. So it was a shock not to be told! But maybe she wasn't qualified to read it :)

Yes I'm gonna try and keep busy. Recently I've been thinking my life and stuff and I'm looking into courses coz I've decided I want to work with children. :)

thanks for the ofter I will prob take you up on that very kind ofter :) And likewise if you need a chat feel free to message me anytime. It can be quite tough and it's great talking to those who understand :)

How is everything going with you? X


Hi Jess, that's really positive about your potential career change! my counsellor said to me that 'there are always poppies in the rubbish' (I.e. no matter how bad a situation you will always find something good to take from it) and maybe this is your poppy in the rubbish!

I'm ok, just waiting on our next appointment to come through! Have to spend this weekend with my in-laws and also my brother in law and his wife who had a baby last year. I'm dreading it! They conceived first month of trying and just don't understand our situation. I got a bit upset when they announced they were expecting. I tried to hide it but apparently it was obvious I was crying in the loo! They told me I could have pretended to be happy for one day and that once I'm pregnant I'll understand and maybe then I can reflect on my (bad) behaviour! So, as you might imagine I can't wait for this weekend! 😬


Hi Jess,

So pleased you had your 1st ultrasound but jesus that woman sounds horrible! Sometimes they really don't seem to appreciate the situation.....grrr makes me so angry. Sending you a big virtual hug.



Thanks missav hug kindly received and one sent back :) sometimes this can be so difficult sometimes but I'm sure it'll be worth it. The woman wasn't that mean I was just upset I didn't get told the result. As every other scan I was told everything was ok there and then. I was shocked not to get the results! So the wait continues lol! Iwill keep you updated X

How is everything with you? Hope you're ok xxx


Oh ok then, yeah it can be disappointing when you don't hear the info you're expecting. I'm OK, got our protocol details through yesterday and there are even more consent forms to us to sign. Can't believe how much paperwork there is! So much of it doesn't make sense to me, like all the names of the drugs but I'm trying not to get bogged down with that.

Start the pill next month and then will need to see how long I have to take that for, minimum of 3 weeks tho xxx


Hi Jess .. Its horrible when u go to doctors with wee soul wondering whats happening and someone makes it even worse ... But hope u will get answers u r nearly there xx lots of love x


Thank you miroslava it's horrible waiting! I wasn't expecting a wait all the other scans I've had I've got the all clear so i was gutted when I didn't. I'm sure if there's anything wrong my dr will sort it :) I must stop my worrying coz dosent help matters!

Im sorry to hear your period is playing you up :( bodies They like to give us the run around! Talk about work against us arrr! Keeping my fingers crossed it arrives soon so you don't delay your ivf treatment X


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