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New to the forum & IVF

Hello Ladies,

I'm new to the site after recently being granted IVF on the nhs after years of trying. I was on clomiod for 6 months prior to the referral , but unfortunately failed to conceive.

We have been referred to Bourne Hall Clinic in Norwich. We had to attend a seminar last week and also had our consultation on Friday which went really well. I was told m blood came back 'above average' therefore was told I'd be on the lowest dosage of medication.

I am so excited to start my treatment plan. But have to wait till my first bleed to start the down the down cycle on day 21.

I have no idea what to expect, can anyone offer me any advice or support. Is there anything I can be doing to prepare myself.

Thanks in advance

Hayley xx

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Hi there

I'm currently on the 2ww of our first IVF cycle. I have found the whole process emotionally exhausting and also exciting!

I just focussed on eating well and drinking lots of water in the lead up to treatment starting. I think it's really important to treat yourself and do nice things with your partner Luke going out for meals , cinema or walks but also try and take time to relax. This site is also great for information and getting advice.

Wish you lots of luck x


Hi Hayley

I'm also in Norwich :) and am due to hav my 2nd lot of treatment next month x egg collection scheduled for 24/4 x hav u come on yet? R u booked in yet? I'm also on a low dosage as last cycle I produced too many eggs lol bu unfortunately none of them conceived so this time we're having ICSI x I start my down regs on 26/3 and I'm also having this ends scratch then too x last time the mess were fine if anything I was just tired a lot xx I'm gonna hav acupuncture too this time just not sure where're o go in Norwich x hope ur well x


Welcome Hayley,

I have found this site very helpful and supportive. It's great to discuss IVF with people that actually understand what you are going through.

I have been trying for almost 3 years before finally starting IVF. I'm now in the middle of my first cycle and I am due for ET tomorrow, eeek! It took me a little time to accept that I needed IVF but I can honestly say I have found the whole process easier than I thought I would. I have eaten well and drunk lots of water every day, I think this really helps with side effects. Most importantly I have done my best to take it one day at a time. There are so many hurdles that it can be overwhelming to think about the process as a whole, just break it down and concentrate on the hurdle in front of you and as time passes you manage to jump each one.

Wishing you all the best on your IVF journey.

Anjel xxx


Hi, let me share my story on my IVF treatment. On my first IVF treatment my doctor collected 15 eggs and 3 were good but after 3 months of waiting it was a failure. My doctor then told me about having a healthy lifestyle and since I'm a runner i do run ever before the egg retrieval. The doctor told me that running before the egg retrieval can affect the eggs so he said that's the main reason of the failure of my treatment. But still I am not convinced so we had to go for a second try, now it was done in Bangalore, India through the help of this company named PlacidWay. After series of examination and until the egg retrieval it was a very comfortable process and then the good news came it was a successful one! Currently we have our baby boy so I suggest that you keep on trying. Maybe you will experience failed treatment but that the risk we must face especially in this process where it is our only hope to have a baby.

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